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Tuesday 1st September 2015

Plenary lecture

Tactile resonant sensors for the measurement of human soft tissue stiffness
O. A. Lindahl

Session 1.1a Mechanics of fatigue

Prolongation of Fatigue Life of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy by Ultrasonic Shot Peening
K. Takeda, R. Matsui, H. Tobushi and K. Hattori

Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue of Nickel Base Superalloys – Modelling versus Experiment
J. Hammer, F. Wilhelm aU. Glatzel and E.E. Affeldt

Design, instrumentation and control of a force/displacement controlled rotating bending fatigue test rig
B. Van Hoorewedera, R. Boonen, D. Moens, and P. Sas

Experimental and numerical studies of bolted joints subjected to axial excitation
J.H. Liu, H.J. Ouyang, J.B. Zhou, C.Q. Zhang, Z.T. Yu, J.F. Peng, L.J. Ma, M.H. Zhu

Session 1.1b Optical measurement techniques 1

Simultaneous Multidimensional deformation measurements in holographic interferometry using phase shifting
Pramod Rastogi

Multiplexing of long-gauge length fibre optic dynamic strain sensors using range-resolved interferometry
Thomas Kissinger, Ricardo Correia, Thomas O. H. Charrett, Stephen W. James and Ralph P. Tatama

In-Situ Strain Measurements with Fibre Bragg Gratings embedded into Stainless Steel by Selective Laser Melting
D. Havermann, J. Mathew, W. N. MacPherson, R. R.J. Maier and D. P. Hand

Measuring Travelling Waves with Speckle Interferometry
S. Earl and A.J. Moore

Session 1.1c Biomechanical measurements 1

Study of the mechanical properties of the avian middle ear by optical interferometry and finite element modeling
P. Muyshondt, D. De Greef, J.Soons, and J.J.J. Dirckx

Viscoelastic modelling of Rectum tissue during short-term relaxation
Z. Ehteshami, A. Alazmani, P. Culmer, and A. Neville

Comparing the eFinger and the finger to measure the stiffness of the ex vivo prostate gland
S. J. Hammer, P. Scanlan, D. W. Good, W. Shu, S. Phipps, G. D. Stewart, S. A. McNeill, R. L.Reuben

Optical Measurements of Nonlinearity in the Middle Ear
J. Peacock, and J. Dirckx

Session 1.2a High-speed measurements

Image Registration for Quantifying Deformation in Penetrating Ballistic Impacts
E. Cramphorn, M.J. Carre and Z.A. Taylor

Novel Inertial Heterogeneous High Strain Rate Test for Non-Linear Constitutive Model Identification with the Virtual Fields Method
S.M. Dreuilh  and F. Pierron

Damage response of stationary and moving targets to ballistic impact
S.A. Weckert, A.D. Resnyansky, S. Parry and S. Booth

Mechanical Forces Due to Lightning Strikes to AircraftA Pseudo-Stereo DIC Technique for Measuring Full-Field Displacement
P.R. Evans, C.A. Featherston, M.J. Eaton, J. McCrory, D. Mitchard

Dynamic strain measurement in a ball bearing
W. Chen, T. Connolley, D. M. Collins, C. Reinhard, S. M. Barhli, M.Drakopoulos, R. S. Mills, M. Marshall, R. S. Dwyer-Joyce, and M. Mostafavi

Session 1.2b Optical measurement techniques 2

Photoelastic Measurement of Sub-Surface Stresses using GHz Radiation
P. Schemmela, G. Diedrich and A. Moore

Polarization-Sensitive Full Field Optical Coherence Tomography in Use for Structural, Birefringence and Stress-Strain Imaging
B. Heise, B. Buchroithner, P. Khurana, A. Prylepa and D. Stifter

Depth-resolved slow velocity field measurement using wavelength scanning interferometry
Pablo D. Ruiz

Cost-effective vibration and displacement measurement using rangeresolved interferometry
Thomas Kissinger, Thomas O. H. Charrett, Stephen W. James and Ralph P. Tatama

On the measurement of dimensional quality of titanium alloy micro lattice struts manufactured using selective laser melting
R A W Mines and R Hasan

Session 1.3c Biomechanical measurements 2

Molecular Strain in High Performance Cellulose Fibres via an Environmentally Benign Processing Route
Nandula D. Wanasekara, Stephen J. Eichhorn, Sameer Rahatekar, Thomas Welton, Alexander Bismarck, Herbert Sixta and Kevin Potter

Exploiting elastic modulus of human cells for separation purposes
Maryam Mohammed Zadeh, Nik Willoughby and Henry Bock

Critical Force Thresholds for Laparoscopic Grasping as an Indicator of Tissue Damage
L. Russell, J. Barrie, P. Culmer1, D. Jayne and A. Neville


Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Plenary lecture

The effects of shear strain on the determination of the track critical velocity for high-speed trains
P. Woodward

Session 2.1a DIC techniques and applications

Quantification of resolution and spatial resolution in local and global DIC
P. Lava, L. Wittevrongel , D. Debruyne and F. Pierron

Using colour cameras for digital image correlation: how bad are they?
Alexander Forsey

Digital Image Correlation Vibrometry
I. A. Jones, G. Lu, J. Warburton and H. Docx

Session 2.1b Fracture of non-metals

Fracture of Nuclear Graphite using Bromine Intercalation
W. Bodel, P. Mummery, P. Martinuzzi, A. Steer and B. Davies

3D Experimental Observation of Crack Initiation at Stress Concentrations in Nuclear Graphite
M.S.L. Jordan, L. Saucedo-Mora, S.M. Barhli, D. Nowell and T.J. Marrow

Mixed-Mode Dynamic Fracture of Nanolayered Metal Ceramics
Logan Shannahan, Leslie Lamberson, Michel Barsoum

Session 2.1c Creep and high temperature

An inert gas based technique for long-term creep strain measurement by digital image correlation
Zhenxing Hu, Jianxin Gao

A 3D-DIC Method for High Temperature Application
M van Rooyen and T.H. Becker

Monitoring Variation of Local Strain and Temperature in Fiber Reinforced Composites under High Strain Fatigue using Embedded FBG Sensors
E.S. Kocaman, E. Akay, C. Yilmaz, A. Deniz, H. Türkmen, and M. Yildiz

Session 2.2a DIC techniques and applications

Structured-Light Based 3D-DIC Measurement
V. Ludwikowski, M. Grewer and B. Wieneke

Using DIC to develop an Experimental Methodology for Measuring Moisture Induced Fatigue in Panel Paintings
Christina Young and Alice Aurand

Cn continuity in Digital Image Correlation
L. Wittevrongel, P. Lava, D. Debruyne and S.V. Lomov

Autonomous surface discontinuity detection method with Digital Image Correlation
A.F.Cinar, S.M. Barhli, D. Hollis, R.A. Tomlinson, T.J. Marrow and M.Mostafavi

Loading identification on a tire/rim contact for an inflation pressure 
R. Gras, F. Hild and D. Melle

360-deg full-field measurement of steel specimens under combined tension/torsion loads
M. Rossi, K. Genovese, L. Cortese and D. Amodio

Session 2.2b Plastic strain measurement

Shear bands in Zr-Cu-based metallic glasses: New insight
V. Nekouie, A. Roy and V.V. Silberschmidt

Damage and deformation analysis of Ti-6Al-4V Diamond lattice structures
H. Ghadbeigi, R. Goodall ,M. A. Khodadadi and E. Tyrwhitt Jones

The effect of microstructural changes on the thermoelastic response in AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel during the thermoelastic stress analysis of weldments
E.C. Chevallier, S. Blackwell, R. M. Sanderson and J. M. Dulieu

Surface Undulation of Pure Titanium Grains under Elastic and Plastic Tensile Conditions
N. Tada

A method for identification of high-quality subsets within a domain of interest - estimation of microscale strain fields in pearlitic steel using DIC and in-situ SEM
E. Dartfeldt, J. Ahlström, M. Hörnqvist and R. Peng

Recognition of plasticity at the mesoscale using texture features from backscattered electron images
Weizhuo Wang, Komalben Shah and Eann A Patterson

Session 2.2c Geomechanics

3D Velocity Distribution of P and S Waves in Rocks by Means of Ultrasonic and Neutron Diffraction Study
Lokajíček, T., Ivankina2, T.I., Svitek, T. and Kern H.

The mechanical response of Etnean volcanic sand and rocks to impact loading and the effect of sand impingement on titanium alloys
A.Pellegrino, F.De Cola and N.Petrinic

Strain fields and mechanical response of fissured clays
C. Vitone, G. Viggiani, F. Cotecchia and S.A. Hall

Detection of Alkali-Silica Reaction by Means of Ultrasonic Sounding – A Pilot Study
T. Lokajíček, A. Šťastná, M. Petružálek, Š. Šachlová, T. Svitek, R. Přikryl

Neutron imaging of deformation and fluid flow in sandstones
E. Tudisco, S.A. Hall, E. Charalampidou, H. Sone, N. Kardjilov and J. Hovind

Flow Properties in Sandstones with laboratory induced deformation bands
E.M. Charalampidou, G. Couples, H. Lewis, S. Stanchits , S.A Hall and G.Viggiani

Best Paper in Strain

Full-Field Measurements on Low-Strained Geomaterials Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy and Digital Image Correlation: Improved Imaging Conditions
L.L. Wang, M.Bornert, E.Heripre, S. Chanchole and A. Tanguy

Delegates can access by clicking here

BSSM Young Stress Analyst Competition

YSA Handbook

The BSSM Measurements Lecture

New opportunities in high strain rate testing based on full-field measurement
F. Pierron

References: Pierron, F., Zhu, H., & Siviour, C. (2014). Beyond Hopkinson's bar.
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Moulart, R., Pierron, F., Hallett, S. R., & Wisnom, M. R. (2011). Full-field strain measurement and identification of composites moduli at high strain rate with the virtual fields method. Experimental Mechanics, 51(4), 509-536.
Retrieved from

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Plenary lecture

Image Analysis of Full-Field Vibration and Strain Data 
J E Mottershead and W Wang

Session 3.1a Residual strain measurement

Analysis of Total Residual Strains Around Cold-Expanded Holes
K. Amjad, E.A. Patterson and W.C. Wang

Residual stress measurements on novel XFINE AA2124-SiCp composites using the contour method
J. Araujo de Oliveira, J. Kowal, S. Gungor and M.E. Fitzpatrick

Residual stress analysis of ceramic coating by non-contact methods
G. Pedrini, V. Martínez-García, P. Weidmann, M. Wenzelburger, A. Killinger, U. Weber, S. Schmauder, R. Gadow, W. Osten

Validation of a Synthetic Bitmap for the Development of Residual Stress Assessment Using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
G.P. Howell, J.M. Dulieu-Barton and M. Achintha

Session 3.1b Material damage assessment

Quantitative measurement of the J-integral of loaded cracks using 2D and 3D Digital Image Correlation
S.M. Barhli, J. Réthoré, J. Lachambre, J-Y. Buffière and T.J. Marrow

Barely visible impact damage detection in a composite turbine blade using 3D Scanning Laser Vibrometery
R. Marks, C. Gillam, A. Clarke and R. Pullin

Image Decomposition of Full Field Strain for Impact Damage Assessment of Composites
W. J. R. Christiana, E. A. Patterson and F. A. DiazDeLaO

Mode I-III decomposition of the J-integral to calculate the stress intensity factors from digital image correlation displacement data
M.R. Molteno and T.H. Becker

Session 3.2a Vibration measurement

Active Vibration Reduction:Genetic Algorithm Optimisation Using the Physical Structure
J M Hale

Development of the Ultrasonic Planetary Core Drill
Aleksandrs Bolhovitins, Xuan Li, Ryan Timoney, Patrick Harkness and Margaret Lucas

Friction induced vibration of a moving slider on an elastic disc with separation and reattachment
Zilin Li, H. Ouyang and Zhenqun Guan

Squeeze-film levitation characteristics of plates excited by piezoelectric actuators
A. Almurshedi, M. Atherton, C. Mares, T. Stolarski, B. Wei

Backbone curves and Nonlinear normal modes: a new identification tool
A.Cammarano, T.L. Hill, P.L. Green and S.A. Neild

Damping performance of novel viscoelastic Double Shear Lap Joint dampers in lightweight honeycomb sandwich panels - simulation and experimental measurement
Aumjaud P., Lefranc D., Evans K.E.and Smith C.W.

Session 3.2b Mechanical and material testing

The Matrix Method; a - Better - Alternative to the sin2ψ and Other Methods
B. Ortner

AFM, Frequency Analysis and Modelling Techniques for the Size Effect in Beam Bending
C. Liebold and W.H. Müller

An Innovative Method for Measuring Young’s Modulus of a Flexible Circular Ring (Own-weight Circular Ring Method)
A. Ohtsuki

Mechanical Testing in Pressurized Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide
G. Benoit, S. Boyer, S. Castagnet, G. Henaff, E. Lainé, F. Mauget

Use of piezoelectric thick film sensors to measure stress distribution within a lap joint
A Deligianni, G Kotsikos, J M Hale

Evaluation of Nuclear Graphite Seal
A. Wilcox and E. Patterson

Session 3.3a Thermal methods

Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Superelastic Nitinol for Tuneable Devices
A. Feeney and M. Lucas

Motion compensation for complex deformations in thermoelastic stress analysis
J.M. Dulieu-Barton, W. Wang, R.K. Fruehmann

Relationship between Temperature and Stress of Ultraviolet-Curable Resin during Curing
E. Umezaki and H. Koyama

Towards combining thermoelastic stress analysis and digital image correlation for strain-based NDE
R.C. Waugh, J.M. Dulieu-Barton and S. Quinn

Movement of Uncured Ultraviolet-Curable Resin during Curing
H. Koyama and E. Umezaki

Session 3.3b Model validation

Preliminary evaluation of validation metrics for computational mechanics models
K. Dvurecenska, E. Patterson, E. Patelli and S. Graham

Characterisation of anisotropic plastic behaviour using an inverse method
Juwon Seo, Jin-Hwan Kim, Frédéric Barlat, Myoung-gyu Lee and Fabrice Pierron

Inverse Method to Determine the Plastic Stress Strain Curve from non Conventional Tests
F.J. Gómez, M.A. Martín-Rengel and J. Ruiz-Hervías

Topology Optimisation and Model Validation of Selective Laser Melted Components Using Digital Image Correlation
M. Faes, Y. Wang, P. Lava and D. Moens

Identification of advanced frictional laws in severe contact conditions
M. Watremez, K. Le Mercier, D. Meresse and L. Dubar