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BSSM 12th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK

Conference Programme click here

Tuesday 29th August 2017

08:00 Registration
The Foyer
09.30 Introduction and Welcome Lecture Theatre 5
Conference Chair Dr Rachel Tomlinson

Lecture Theatre 5
Session 1.1a
Dynamic and Vibrational Loading

107. Measurement of Torsional Vibration of Drill-String
V. Vaziri, M. Kapitaniak and M. Wiercigroch, Centre for Applied Dynamic Research, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

84. Dynamic characterisation of piezoelectric thick film sensors embedded within dissimilar material joints
A Deligiannia, J M Hale School of Mechanical & Systems Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

46. Meso-scale strain measurement of heterogeneous materials under dynamic loading
S. Ravindran, A. Kidane, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina, USA.

109. Measurement of Lateral Vibration of BHA
M. Kapitaniak, V. Vaziriand M. Wiercigroch Centre for Applied Dynamic Research, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Lecture Theatre 6
Session 1.1b

The Effect of Short Range Order on the Thermal Output and Gage Factor of Ni3FeCr Strain Gages
T. P. Kieffer1,2 and K. J. Peters2, 1Vishay Precision Group – Micro-Measurements, USA, 2North Carolina State University, USA.

17. Experimental characterization of dielectric elastomer actuator
Runan Zhang, Pejman Iravani and Patrick Keogh, University of Bath, UK.

102. Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Case Carburised Steels
D Griffiths, A Clarke, HP Evans, S Evans, R Pullin, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

Lecture Theatre 7
Session 1.1c
Fracture Mechanics

28. Static Strength of aluminium-to-steel thin welded joints: preliminary resultsI. Al Zamzamia, J. B. Davison and L. Susmel University of Sheffield, UK.

34. Effect of sample edge-plastic zone proximity on Crack Tip Opening Angle
D. T. Asquith and V.P. Pasialis Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

43. Additively manufactured PLA: strength and fracture behaviour under static loading
A.A. Ahmed and L. Susmel, The University of Sheffield, UK.

120. Effects of Unloading Rate and Relaxation on Elastic-plastic Resistance Curve Tests
P.B.S. Bailey, Instron Dynamic Systems, UK.

Session 1.2a
Optical Methods

121. Implementation of a novel apparatus to perform a Photoelastic Tomography analysis
S. Abrego, R. A. Tomlinson, The University of Sheffield, UK.

29. Deflectometry as a full-field NDT tool
F. Pierron, C. Devivier,and R. Seghir, University of Southampton, UK.

52. Pressure Measurement using Deflectometry
R. Kaufmann, F. Pierron and B. Ganapathisubramani, University of Southampton, UK.

86. Topography of hidden objects revealed using THz digital holography
E. Hack, L. Valzania and P. Zolliker, EMPA, Switzerland.

113. A combined full-field imaging and metallography approach to assess the local properties of friction stir welded (FSW) copper stainless steel joints
S. Ramachandran1, J.M. Dulieu-Barton1, P.A.S. Reed1, A.K.Lakshminarayanan2, 1University of Southampton, UK, 2SSN College of Engineering, India.

Session 1.2b

89. Mechanical properties of PLA based films for food packaging
N.F. Wang, Newcastle University, UK.

78. Indicating Coatings for CFRP composites in Aeronautic
S. Senani1, L. Rozes2, Q. Morelle2, M. Gaudon3, E.Duguet3, E. le Bourhis4, S. Barut1, S. Guinard1, F.Touchard4, J.-F. Letard5, P.-J. Lathierre6, 1Airbus Group Innovations, Suresnes, France, 2 Université UPMC – LCMCP, Paris, France, 3 ICMCB Université de Bordeaux, France, 4Université de Poitiers, France, 5OliKrom, Pessac, France, 6MAPAERO Pamiers, France.

114. Evaluation of Mechanical Properties Through the Non-destructive Test in Polymer Composites Reinforced by Natural Jute Fibers
J. S. S. Neto, R. A. A. Lima, D. K. K. Cavalcanti, J.P.B. Souza, H.R.M. Costa, R.A. Aguiar Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

12. Validating Finite Element Models of Composite Structures Containing Fibre-Waviness Defects
W. J. R. Christian1, F. A. DiazDelao1, E. A. Patterson1 and K. Atherton2; 1School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK; 2Airbus Operations Ltd., Bristol, UK.

26. Design of a photomechanical test to measure the high strain rate through-thickness tensile strength of composites
J. Van Blitterswyk, L. Fletcher and F. Pierron, University of Southampton, UK.

Session 1.2c
Experimental Biomechanics 1

54. Additive manufacturing of mechanomimetic bone structures
R. Parwani, M. Curto, A. P. Kao, M. Pani, G. Tozzi and A. H. Barber, University of Portsmouth, UK.

83. Quantification of Morphological Parameters of Forearm Skin Layers using OCT with Circumstances Involving Dressing Tape
R. Maiti1,L.-C. Gerhardt2, Z.S. Lee1, S.E. Franklin2, R. Lewis1, S.J. Matcher3 and M.J. Carré1 1Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Sheffield, UK; 2Philips Research, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;3Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK.

20. Validation of local displacement predictions of Micro-FE models of trabecular bone and vertebral bodies by Digital Volume Correlation
E. Dall’Ara1, M.C. Costa1, G. Tozzi2 and M.Viceconti1, 1University of Sheffield, UK; 2University of Portsmouth, UK

116. Developing a Soft Tissue surrogate for use in Photoelastic Testing
S Falconer, Z Taylor and R Tomlinson, The University of Sheffield, UK.

76. Possible age-related changes in the mechanical properties of tendons of mimecan-deficient mice
Kheng Lim Goh, Newcastle University International Singapore.

Plenary Session  Lecture Theatre 5
Linking Length Scales: Investigating the Effect of Microscale Strain Localization on Macroscopic Response
Professor Sam Daly, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA.

Session 1.3a
Strain Measurement at the Microscale 1

32. In situ μ-DIC measurements of strain partitioning in medium Mn steel
Aniruddha Dutta1, Dirk Ponge1, Stefanie Sandlöbes2, Dierk Raabe1 1Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Germany, 2Institut für Metallkunde und Metallphysik, RWTH Aachen, Germany.

44. High accuracy in micro-mechanical deformation measurements: Eliminating SE artifact-induced errors
Siavash Maraghechi, Johan Hoefnagels, Ron Peerlings, Marc Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.

11. Crystal deformation and rotation measurements in bainitic-ferritic steel
Q. Shiab, F. Latourtea, F. Hildb, S. Rouxb aEDF R&D, France, bUniversité Paris Saclay, France.

48. Coupled Experimental-Numerical Analysis of Strain Partitioning in Metallic Microstructures: The Importance of Considering the 3D Morphology
M. Diehla, D. Yan, L. Morsdorf, D. An, C.C. Tasan, S. Zaefferer, F. Roters, D. Raabe, Max-Planck- Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Germany.

Session 1.3b
Infrared Thermography

45. Fatigue Limit Assessment of a Low Carbon Steel using Dixon's Up-And-Down and Infrared Thermography Methods
M.V. Guamán A., J.T.P. Castro, R.B. Vieira, V.E.L. Paiva, and J.L.F. Freire, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

73. Thermal approach for evaluating the heat dissipated at the crack tip
D. Palumbo, R. De Finis, F. Ancona, U. Galietti, Politecnico di Bari, Italy.

30. The study of energy dissipation at crack tip using infrared thermography coupled with contact heat source sensor
A. Vshivkov, A. Iziumova and O. Plekhova, ICMM UB RAS, Russia.

96. The Effect of Microstructure on the Dissipative Heat Source in 316L Stainless SteelP.J. Seelan, J.M. Dulieu-Barton, F. Pierron, University of Southampton, UK.

8. Infrared Imaging for Material Characterization in Fracture Mechanics Experiments
M.-A. Gagnon, F. Marcotte, P. Lagueux and E. Guyot, Teops, Canada.

Session 1.3c
Digital Image Correlation 1

5. Analysis of the effectiveness of cold expansion in multi-layer stacks using digital image correlation
K. Amjad1, 2, E.A. Patterson1 and W.C. Wang2 1University of Liverpool, UK; 2National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

55. A characterisation of bicycle powertrain losses due to chainring deflection
Thomas Davis and David Asquith, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

101. Assessment of the elongational properties of HIPS membranes based on full-field strain measurements during positive thermoforming
A.Ayadi1, 2, M.F.Lacrampe1, 2, and P.Krawczak1, 2 , IMT Lille Douai, Institut Mines-Télécom, France. 2 Université de Lille, France.

118. Strain Measurement on Anti-G Garments using 3D Digital Image Correlation
J. C. Chamberlin and E. A. Patterson, University of Liverpool, UK.

77. Dynamic Analysis using Fringe Projection and Digital Image Correlation
L. Felipe-Sesé, A. Molina-Viedma, E. López-Díaz, E. López-Alba, F.A Díaz Universidad de Jaén, Spain.

Wednesday 30th August

Lecture Theatre 5
Session 2.1a
Strain Measurement at the Microscale 2

67. Ferrite slip system activation investigated by uniaxial micro‐ tensile tests
J.P.M. Hoefnagels, C. Du, F. Maresca, and M.G.D. Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

69. Local stress fields induced by twinning in metastable titanium alloys
F.X. Lin1, M. Marteleur1, J. Alkorta2, P.J. Jacques1and L. Delannay1 1Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 2CEIT San Sebastian, Spain.

25. Quantitative estimation of spatial stress gradients from dislocation pile-up at grain boundaries in commercially pure titanium
I. Basu, V. Ocelík, J.Th.M De Hosson; University of Groningen, The Netherlands

57. Very High Resolution Micromechanical Measurements on Thin Wires in Torsion
W. Ali1,2, D.J. Dunstan1 and A.J. Bushby1 1Queen Mary University of London, UK, 2Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Lecture Theatre 6
Session 2.1b
IR and Thermoelastic Methods

14. Crack Tip Plastic Zone Measurement in Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
R. P. Spencer and E. A. Patterson, University of Liverpool, UK.

65. Cabability of the Thermoelastic Phase Analysis method for studying damage evolution of GFRP composites
D. Palumbo , R. De Finis and U. Galietti, Politecnico di Bari, Italy.

63. Automated crack tip tracking in stainless steel specimens using thermoelastic stress analysis
Middleton C. A.1, Gaio, A.1,2, Greene, R. J.2, Spencer, R. P.1 and Patterson, E. A.1 1University of Liverpool, U.K. 2Strain Solutions Ltd, UK.

111. Monitoring and characterising the infrared temperature evolution of metallic SENT specimens for test machine control
J. Thatcher1 , D.A. Crump1, P.B.S. Bailey2, J.M. Dulieu-Barton1. 1University of Southampton, UK, 2Instron Dynamic Systems, Instron Division of ITW Ltd., UK.

Plenary Session
BSSM Best Paper in 'Strain' Fylde Prize for 2016
The Grid Method for In-plane Displacement and Strain Measurement: A Review and Analysis
M.Grédiac, F.Sur and B. Blaysat Professor Michel Grédiac, L’Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Session 2.2a
Acoustic Emission

97. Fatigue Crack Monitoring Using an Additive Wave Analysis: a Hits Based Approach to Wavestreaming with Acoustic Emission,
J.P. McCrory, M.R. Pearson and R. Pullin, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

24. Relationship between acoustic emission distribution and stress variation through the depth of reinforced concrete beam cross sections
Liu Simeng1, Wang Yu2, Matthew R. Pearson2,Mark Eaton2 and Rhys Pullin2, 1School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, P.R.China, 2Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

103. Use of Acoustic Emission to Determine the Lubrication Conditions in Simulated Gear Contacts
S.H. Hutt, A. Clarke, H.P Evans and R. Pullin, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

Session 2.2b
Digital Image Correlation 2

87. Establishing a one-to-one relationship between FEA and DIC: pitfalls and solutions
P. Lava1, F. Pierron2, L. Wittevrongel1, D. Debruyne3 , 1. MatchID – Metrology beyond colors, Belgium, 2. University of Southampton, UK, 3. University of Leuven, Belgium.

105. Deformation Behaviour and Damage Formation in DP1000 at Different Scales using Digital Image Correlation
N. I. Rohaizat1, C. Pinna1, H. Ghadbeigi1 and D. Hanlon2 1University of Sheffield, UK, 2Tata Steel Ijmuiden, The Netherlands.

119. Failure analysis of spot welds in Advanced High Strength Steels
H. Ghadbeigi1, H.L. Collicott1, F. Yu1, D. Norman2 and E. van der Aa3, 1The University of Sheffield, UK, 2Tata Steel R&D, Warwick, UK 3Tata Steel R&D, IJmuiden, The Netherlands.

71. Assessment of Damage Progression in 3D Woven Carbon-Epoxy Composites Subjected to Out-Of-Plane Loading using Digital Image Correlation
D. Panchal and P.R. Cunningham, Loughborough University, UK.

Session 2.3a
High Speed Strain Measurement

35. A Novel Photomechanical Approach for Measuring Dynamic Fracture Toughness
L. Fletcher1, S. Pagano2, L. Lamberson2 and F. Pierron1, 1University of Southampton, UK, 2 Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

37. Application of digital image correlation and high speed photography to determine the fiber failure fracture toughness of composites under high rate loading
P. Kuhn1, J. Xavier2,3, G. Catalanotti4, P.P. Camanho5 and H. Koerber1 1Technische Universität München, Germany, 2INEGI, Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Portugal, 3CITAB, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal, 4Queen's University Belfast, UK, 5Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

74. High Speed 3D Digital Image Correlation for experimental modal analysis during base motion excitation
Ángel J. Molina-Viedma , Elías López-Alba, Luis Felipe-Sesé, Francisco A Díaz, Universidad de Jaén, Spain.

Session 2.3b
Fatigue Analysis

60. Fatigue crack initiation in Waspaloy under biaxial loading
J.V. Sahadi, D. Nowell and R.J.H. Paynter, University of Oxford, UK.

9. Overload and failure of wind turbine gearbox bearings
A. Reid1, I. Martinez1, M Mostafavi2, I. Antoniadou1 and M. Marshall1; 1 The University of Sheffield, 2University of Bristol, UK.

92. Characterisation and fatigue life assessment of handling surface damage
R.M.N. Fleury, E. Salvati, D. Nowell and A.M. Korsunsky University of Oxford, UK.

BSSM Measurements Lecture
Experimental characterisations of devices for high power ultrasonics applications
Professor Margaret Lucas, University of Glasgow, UK.

Thursday 31st August 2017

Lecture Theatre 5
Session 3.1a
High Temperature Strain Analysis

22. Acoustic response of thermally stressed plates using a temperature dependent finite element material model
C. Santos Silva, C.M. Sebastian and E.A. Patterson, University of Liverpool, UK.

64. A Combined Experimental and Modelling Approach to Examine the Microstructural Deformation Experienced in Ex-Service 9Cr-1Mo Steel at Elevated Temperatures
E.D. Meade, F. Sun, N.P. O’Dowd, P. Tiernan , University of Limerick, Ireland.

98. Characterising Creep Damage Directly from Digital Image Correlation Displacement Data
M. van Rooyen and T.H. Becker, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

100. Determination of creep properties from a single specimen using DIC
E. Muyupa, S. Gungor, A. N. Forsey and P. J. Bouchard, The Open University, UK.

Lecture Theatre 6
Session 3.1b
Residual Stress Measurements

85. Application of finite element simulation in the feasibility study of in-core residual stress measurement within graphite moderator bricks using deep-hole drilling technique
S. Hossain1, 2, X Ficquet3, E.J. Kingston3, 1. University of Bristol, UK, 2.Military Technological College, Oman 3.VEQTER Ltd, Bristol, UK.

95. Residual Stresses in Ti-6Al-4V Parts Manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Electron Beam Melting
G. Lim, K. Lau, W.S. Cheng, Z. Chiang, M. Krishnan and D. T. Ardi, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), Singapore.

106. Uncertainties in complex weld induced residual stresses
S. Hossain1, 2, G. Zheng1, 3, D. Goudar4, X Ficquet5, E.J. Kingston5, 1University of Bristol, UK, 2Military Technological College, Oman, 3State Power Investment Corporation Research Institute, Beijing, China, 4WS Atkins, UK, 5VEQTER Ltd, Bristol, UK.

4. Residual stress prediction in dissimilar metal electron beam welded plate using the contour method
N. Naveed1,2 1University of Sunderland, 2The Open University, UK

Lecture Theatre 7
Session 3.1c
NDT using Acoustic Emissions

41. Early damage detection in composites by distributed strain and acoustic event monitoring
N. Chandarana, D. M. Sanchez, C. Soutis and M. Gresil, The University of Manchester, UK.

99. Active Learning Applications to Acoustic Emission Data
L. Bull, K. Worden, N. Dervilis, University of Sheffield, UK.

61. Damage detection of a composite bearing liner using Acoustic Emission
K. Karras, R. Pullin, R.I. Grosvenor, A. Clarke. Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

75. Tool wear prediction and damage detection in milling using dynamic Bayesian networks
N. Ray, K. Worden, S. Turner, J-P. Villain-Chastre1, E.J. Cross, The University of Sheffield, UK, 1Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, UK.

Plenary Session
Credibility in computational biology based on experimental mechanics
Professor Eann Patterson, University of Liverpool, UK.

Session 3.2a
Computational Modelling and Validation

33. On the Numerical Modelling of Local Stress- Strain Sequences under Complex Constant/Variable Amplitude Fatigue Loading
N. Zuhair Faruq and L. Susmel, The University of Sheffield, UK.

51. Application of a frequentist metric for the validation of computational mechanics models
K. Dvurecenska1, E. Patelli1,S. Graham2 and E.A. Patterson1 ,1The University of Liverpool, UK, 2National Nuclear Laboratory, Warrington, UK.

82. Numerical simulation and design tool for an oil pipe centralizer: A case study of a cost driven adaptation by an SME
A.M. Hedayetullah1, R. Fletcher2, E. James2, P.A. Flay2, G. R. Tabor1 and C. W. Smith1 , 1University of Exeter, UK. 2Centek Ltd, Newton Abbot, UK.

27. Quantitative Strain Measurement on Artwork by a Combination of Shearography and FEM Simulation
D. Buchta1, C. Heinemann2 , G. Pedrini1, C. Krekel2, W. Osten1, 1University of Stuttgart, 2Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, Germany.

Session 3.2b
Volumetric Strain Measurements

122. Crack characterization in a Metal Matrix Composite with 3D Phase Congruency and Digital Volume Correlation
A.F.Cinar1, D. Hollis2, R.A. Tomlinson1, C. Reinhard3, T Connolley3, T.J. Marrow4, M.Mostafavi5; 1University of Sheffield, 2LaVision
UK, 3Diamond Light Source, 4University of Oxford, 5University of Bristol, UK.

40. The effect of voxel size and signal-to-noise ratio on the measurement uncertainties of a global Digital Volume Correlation approach
M. Palanca1, A.J. Bodey2, M. Giorgi3, M. Viceconti4, D. Lacroix4, L. Cristofolini1, E. Dall’Ara3 ,1Università
di Bologna, Italy; 2Diamond Light Source, Oxford, UK 3Department of Oncology and Metabolism and INSIGNEO University of Sheffield, UK 4Department of Mechanical Engineering and INSIGNEO, University of Sheffield, UK.

49. Effect of SR-microCT exposure time on the damage induced on trabecular bone using digital volume correlation
M. Peña Fernández1, R. Parwani1, A J Bodey2, E. Dall’Ara3, G. Blunn4, A. Barber1, G. Tozzi1, 1University of Portsmouth, UK; 2Diamond Light Source, UK; 3University of Sheffield, UK; 4University College London, UK.

115. Quantification of damage in alveolar morphology in post-blast lung using synchrotron micro-CT
K. Vitharana1, 2, J. Sherwood2, T-T Nguyen3, A. J. Bodey4, A. Karunaratne2,5 and H. Arora1, 2; 1The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, UK; 2 Dept. Bioengineering, Imperial College London; 3Dept. Physics, Imperial College London; 4Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK; 5University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Session 3.2c
Contact Mechanics

13. Experimental Observations on the Friction of Textile Fibres Relevant to Carbon Fibre Composite Forming
Daniel M. Mulvihill1,2, Olga Smerdova3, Michael P.F. Sutcliffe2; 1School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK; 2Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK 3Université de Poitiers, France.

59. Measuring Contact Stiffness
R.J.H. Paynter, K. Parel and D. Nowell, University of Oxford, UK.

90. DIC measurements for friction interface motion monitoring
L. Pesaresi1, V. Ruffini1, M. Stender2, and C.W. Schwingshackl1, 1Imperial College London, UK; 2Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

Session 3.3a
Experimental Biomechanics 2

18. 3D shape and full-field strain measurement in a coronary artery using 3D-DIC
P. Ferraiuoli1.2, J.W. Fenner1,2, A.J. Narracott1,2; 1Mathematical Modelling in Medicine Group, IICD Department, University of Sheffield, UK; 2Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine, University of Sheffield, UK.

88. Shore OO Hardness Measurement of Bovine Aorta and Mock Vessel Materials for Endovascular Device Design
C. Maclean1, R. Brodie2 and D.H. Nash1, 1University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK; 2Vascutek Ltd., Inchinnan, Scotland, UK.

94. Optical strain measurement techniques for soft cellular structures
H.L. Wyatt1, A. Clarke2, S.L. Evans2,and L.A. Mihai1, 1School of Mathematics; 2School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

Session 3.3b
Strain Measurement at the Microscale 3

7. Interface chemistry and strain rate effect on fracture in energetic material interfaces
Chandra Prakash1, I. Emre Gunduz2, Vikas Tomar1 ;1 School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, USA; 2 School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA.

39. Simultaneous Micropillar Compression and X-ray Scattering or Diffraction to Investigate Scale Effects of Strains in Mineralised Collagen Fibres
A. Groetsch1, A. Gourrier2, J. Schwiedrzik3, M. Sztucki4, J. Shephard1, J. Michler3, P. K. Zysset5, U. Wolfram1, 1Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK; 2. Université Grenoble Alpes, France; 3. EMPA, Switzerland; 4. European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), France; 5. University of Bern, Switzerland.

68. Crystal plasticity parameter identification by Integrated DIC on microscopic topographies
J.P.M. Hoefnagels1, M. Bertin2, C. Du1, and F. Hild2, 1Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2LMT, ENS Cachan, CNRS, Université, Paris-Saclay, France.

Session 3.3c
Structural Health Monitoring and NDT

19. Damage detection in CFRP Composite Plate based on evolving Modal Parameters
D. M. Amafabia1, O. David-West1, D. Montalvão2, G. Haritos1 ;1University of Hertfordshire, UK; 2Bournemouth University, Dorset, UK.

36. Predicting Machining Centre Geometric Tolerance Thresholds with Support Vector Machines
T. Rooker1,2a, N. Dervilis2, K. Worden2, J.Stammers3, P. Hammond4 and G. Potts4,
1The University of Sheffield, U.K. 2AMRC with Boeing, U.K. 3Metrology Software Products Ltd., Alnwick, U.K.

56. A wavelet transform approach for acoustic emission localisation and an examination of PZT sensor self-diagnostics
I. Martinez,A. G. P. Reid, M. Marshall and I. Antoniadou; The University of Sheffield, UK.