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Past BSSM Conference Proceedings

A collection of past conference proceedings. The package contains 1 each of the following Proceedings.

1. Proceedings of the 2002 BSSM International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics
Rachel A Tomlinson, Stratford Upon Avon 2002
ISBN 0-948256-05-2

2. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 1-2
Advances in Experimental Mechanics
M Lucas, York 2004
ISBN 0-87849-955-5

3. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 3-4
Advances in Experimental Mechanics IV
JM Dulieu-Barton, S.Quinn Southampoton 2005
ISBN 0-87849-987-3

4. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 7-8
Advances in Experimental Mechanics V
J.Quinta da Fonseca, Manchester 2007
ISBN 0-87849-453-7, ISBN 13978-0-87849-453-8

5. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 13-14
JM Dulieu-Barton, JD Lord, RJ Greene, Teddington 2009
ISBN 0-87849-367-0, ISBN13 978-0-87849-367-8

6. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 24-25
Advances in Experimental Mechanics VII
RAW Mines, JM Dulieu-Barton, Liverpool 2010
ISBN 978-0-87849-248-0

The pack should prove an invaluable reference point, particularly for University Libraries and Engineering Departments.

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