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Young Stress Analyst Competition 2020

To be held alongside 15th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, 8th - 10th September, 2020

Submission deadline Thursday 25th June 2020

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The Young Stress Analyst Competition YSA20 will take place alongside the 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, 8th - 10th September 2020,  University of Oxford, UK

The YSA competition is separate to the main conference programme and any competition entries must be different to accepted conference paper presentations. Conference presenters that meet the eligibility criteria are more than welcome to enter the competition with a separate submission and if selected as a finalist will have their conference registration fee reimbursed.

Competition format
Entrants are invited to submit a 1000 word summary of their work. The submissions will then be sent to an expert review panel who will judge all entries and select the 4 finalists who will proceed to the next stage.

The 4 finalists are then asked to present their work at a dedicated conference session where they are judged by a panel of leading industrialists and researchers from academia.The winners are announced, and prizes awarded at the conference dinner.

• All 4 finalists will receive a cash prize
• Each of the 4 finalists receive free conference registration, B&B accommodation, lunches and refreshments over the three days of the conference, the welcome reception and conference dinner. Finalists also receive free membership of the BSSM for one year which includes a year's online access to the journal ‘Strain’ and reduced fees to attend the BSSM’s technical and scientific workshops/seminars

Key dates
Submission deadline 25th June 2020 
Author confirmation Early July 2020

How to enter
Write a summary of up to 1000 words, stating the objectives, main results/discussion and conclusions of your work, with a maximum of 6 figures/tables. Entries should follow the YSA competition submission instructions found here . Please send the summary of your work and a completed Application Form to Dr Hari Arora, to enter. 

Entries are welcome from

• Final year undergraduate (or equivalent) students
• MSc students
• PhD students who have not submitted their final thesis at time of entry
• Industry based personnel, within 4 years of first graduation

Full allowance will be made for the varying levels of experience of the applicants.

For more information contact: The British Society for Strain Measurement email: tel: 07756915295

2019 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

Akash Trivedi, University of Oxford
A novel modelling framework to predict the high rate response of soft materials: Application to (plasticised) poly(vinyl chloride)

Runners Up
Timothy Harrell, University of Southampton
Structural Response of CFRP Materials Subjected to Simulated Lightning Strikes

Scott Matthews, University of SurreyUsing printable speckle patterns for DIC: addressing potential and challenges

Saman Tavana, Imperial College London
Digital Volume Correlation based on MRI: A novel methodology enabling measurements of the internal deformation and strain in human intervertebral discs during loading

2018 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

Jared Van Blitterswyk, University of Southampton, UK
Image-based inertial impact tests for composite interlaminar tensile properties

Second Prize Winner  
Marissa Linne, University of Michigan, USA
Deformation mechanism interaction in high-purity columnar Al

Runner Up 
David Brigido-Gonzalez, University of Bristol, UK
Switchable-stiffness morphing aerostructures using granular jamming

Runner Up 
Marta Pena Fernandez, University of Portsmouth, UK
Preservation of bone tissue mechanics with temperature control for in situ SR-microCT experiments

YSA Handbook

Previous Young Stress Analyst Competition Finalists

Ho Kyeom Kim, University of Bristol, UK
Jens Ammitzbøll Glud Aalborg University, Denmark
Matthew DeVriesUniversity of Florida, USA
Matthew S.L. Jordan University of Oxford, UK

YSA Handbook

2014 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Ryan Hurley, California Institute for Technology, USA  
Second Prize - Ramathasan Thevamaran, California Institute for Technology, USA 
Third Prize - Lukas Wittevrongel, University of Leuven,Belgium   
Runner Up- Behnam Amin-Ahmadi, University of Antwerp,Belgium
Runner Up - Maciej Trusiak, Warsaw University of Technology,Poland
Runner Up - Christopher Sebastian, University of Liverpool,UK 

YSA booklet 2014

2013 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize- Rodolfo Fleury, University of Oxford (UK)
Second Prize - Luis Felippe Sese, University of Jaen (Spain)
Runner Up - Faye Gillard, University of Southampton (UK)
Runner Up - Haibin Zhu, University of Southampton (UK)

2012 Young Stress and Vibration Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Danielle Lowe University of Liverpool (UK)
Second Prize - George Crammond, University of Southampton (UK)
Runner up -  Xiaohua Tan, University of Liverpool, UK
Runner up - Jiawei Fu, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Châlons-en-Champagne, (France) and Loughborough University (UK)

YSVA Booklet 2012

2011 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Daniel Mulvihill, University of Oxford (UK)
Second Prize - Martin Leong, Siemens Wind Power (Denmark)
Third Prize - Guillaume Le Louëdec, Arts et Métiers Paristech, Chalons en Champagne (France)
Fourth Prize - Arnaud Limousin, University of Southampton (UK)

YSA Booklet 2011

2010 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Nathanael Connesson (pictured right with Richard Burguete, Airbus), LMPF, Arts et Métiers ParisTech,  Châlons-en-Champagne (France)
Second Prize - Andrew Robinson, University of Southampton (UK)
Third Prize - Ryan Judge, University of Liverpool (UK)
Fourth Prize  - Tomasz Brynk, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Young Stress Analyst Handbook - Download here



2009 YSA Winner Graeme Horne

2009 YSA Winner Graeme Horne (pictured right) said "As a finalist in the Young Stress Analyst competition, I attended the 7th International Conference on Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis free of charge. This provided an excellent opportunity to present my research and meet academic and industrial experts within the field of stress analysis. To my surprise, I was announced as the winner of the competition at the conference dinner.Besides the prize money, winning has given me enthusiasm to start my PhD and allows me to keep up to date with the community through membership of the British Society for Strain Measurement. I would thoroughly recommend applying, you could be writing this next year!"

2009 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Graeme Horne, University of Bristol
2nd Prize - Tran Nam Nguyen, Loughborough University
Runner Up - Djallal Khennouf, University of Southampton
Runner Up - Franck Quero, Manchester University

Young Stress Analyst Handbook - download below
Front Page
Graeme Horne
T. Nam Nguyen
Djallal Khennouf
Franck Querno



2008 YSA Winner Shamala Sambasivam

2008 YSA Winner Shamala Sambasivam said "It was overwhelming and exciting to win the young stress analyst competition while attending the 6th BSSM international conference. This is really going to benefit me both in the short and long term. I think that this is a great program that benefits and encourages young mechanicians to recognise their aptitude, work to develop them into skills and use these skills to accomplish goals. This recognition has given me confidence in my work and a boost for the final year of the PhD".

2008 Young Stress Analyst download booklet pdf 

2008 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Shamala Sambasivam, Southampton University
2nd Prize - Geoffrey Wylde, University of Oxford 
Runner Up - Oscar Portillo, Cambridge University 
Runner Up - Paulo de Matos, University of Oxford 
Poster Competition
First Prize - Xu Song, University of Oxford

2007 YSA Winner Andrew Conway

2007 YSA Winner Andrew Conway said "Taking part in the YSA competition has been a really beneficial experience and one that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone thinking about entering. The competition was a great opportunity to generate interest in my research and to meet experts from academia and industry working in the field. Winning the competition has also given me the confidence and motivation to tackle the final year of my PhD."

2007 Young Stress Analyst Competition Winners

First Prize - Andrew Conway, University of Sheffield (pictured right) Second Prize - Matthias Schallert, Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing, Berlin
Runner Up - Tarun Kumar Sharma, London South Bank University
Runner Up - Juan Pablo Casas-Rodriguez, Loughborough University
Poster Competition
First Prize - Richard Fruehmann, University of Southampton
Runner Up - Vivien Schlueter, Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing, Berlin