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9th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics
3-5 September 2013, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Damage Characterisation Using Artificial-Wavestream Acoustic Emission data
J. P. McCrory, D. Crivelle, M. J. Eaton, K. M. Holford, M. Pearson and R. Pullin

A comparison between Acoustic Emission and Thermography on impact damage assessment of carbon fiber materials
C. Colombo, D. Crivelli, G. Gobbi, M. Guagliano, A. Monici

Novel Technologies for Damage Detection in Composite Structures
M. R. Pearson, J. Lees, C. A. Featherston, M. J. Eaton, D. R. Mitchard, J. Naylon, K.M. Holford and R. Pullin

Structural Health Monitoring of a Composite Aircraft Panel with Embedded Smart Layer
C.A.Dan, P. Malinowski, M. Radzienski, T. Wandowski, P. Kudela1 and W.Ostachowicz

Geometrical Impact Damage Analysis using 3D Digital Image Correlation
E. López-Alba, F.A. Díaz, R. Dorado , P. Casanova, F. Cruz, J.M. Palomar, R.L. López-García, J.M Vasco-Olmo, M.A. Rivera, I. Elías-Andrade, L. Rubio-García

Biaxial Vibration Measurement Using Piezoelectric Paint Sensors
J M Hale & Ismael Payo

Stress Analyzing Perforated Finite Structures from Measured Strains in a Single Direction
A. A. Khaja, N. M.Cholewa and R. E. Rowlands

Size effects on austenite stability investigated by in-situ EBSD measurements
C.C. Tasan,a, M. Wang, A. Kostka, D. Ponge, D. Raabe

High resolution strain mapping coupled with EBSD during in situ tension in SEM
D. Yan, C.C. Tasan and D. Raabe

Development of Multiple CMOS Head for Digital Holographic Interferometry
H. Minamino, M. Fujigaki and Y. Murata

Measurement Of Dynamic Strain & Stress In The Micro/Nano Regime, Using Non- Contact Tri-Axis Scanning Laser Vibrometry Techniques
Roger Traynor

Vibration Testing Using High Speed Digital Image Correlation and Adaptive Geometric Moment Descriptor
W. Wang

Nonstationary Ambient Response Data Analysis for Modal Identification Using Improved Random Decrement Technique
C. -S. Lin, and T. -C. Tseng

Nitinol Cymbal Transducers for Power Ultrasonics Applications
Andrew Feeney and Margaret Lucas

The Application of Digital Image Correlation to Non-destructive Testing Using Vibration Loading
J. M. Dulieu-Barton and R. K. Fruehmann

Stereo-DIC Uncertainty Estimation for Displacement and Strain Fields
B. Wieneke and D. Hollis

Experimental validation of a simulator for optimized material identification involving DIC and VFM
M. Badaloni, P. Lava , M. Rossi, D. Debruyne and F. Pierron

Motion analysis for Arctic char and Atlantic salmon – Design variables for flexible fin propulsion
Sæþór Ásgeirsson and Rúnar Unnþórsson

Deflection Angle Distribution Measurement of Concrete Beam Using Sampling Moire Method
M. Fujigaki, T. Hara, N. Ikoma and Y. Murata

Spatial and Temporal Derivatives of Measured Displacements
W. A. Samad, A. A. Khaja, C. C. Yang and R. E. Rowlands

Finite element modelling of defect identification using transient thermography
R.C. Waugh, J.M. Dulieu-Barton and S. Quinn

Measurement of thickness stresses in glass plates using digital photoelasticity
R. Vivek and K. Ramesh

Measurement of Energy Release Rate of a Branch Crack in PMMA Immediately after Rapid Crack Bifurcation - In the Case that COD of the Branch Crack is Proportional to √r -
S. Suzuki, K. Sakaue and M. Koujiba

Comparison of Implant Design for Medial Unicompartmental Knee Replacements: A Mechanical Study
M. J. Eaton, C. E. H. Scott, R. W. Nutton, F. A. Wade, P. Pankaj and S. L.Evans

Comparison of Electrosurgical Vessel Sealing Devices Using Digital Image Correlation
H. L. Wyatt, R. Pullin, T.H.J. Yang L.Vivien, M. Le Gall and S. L. Evans

Design of Small Liquid Heat Storage with Stratified Temperature Distribution during Discharging
C. Devivier, F. Pierron, M. R. Wisnom

Delamination- driven buckling in delaminated composite laminates under pure bendingWenran Gong, Jinlong Chen, Eann A. Patterson

Combining Optical Techniques to Assess the Damage Tolerance of Composite Materials
G.P Battams, J.M. Dulieu-Barton and S.W. Boyd

Interpreting compact tension and chevron notch tests for the fracture characteristics of quasibrittle materials using 3D strain mapping
T.J. Marrow, M. Mostafavi and A.G. Steer

Design of Small Liquid Heat Storage with Stratified Temperature Distribution during Discharging
Halldór Pálsson and Rúnar Unnþórsson

Experimental Validation of Finite Element Analysis of Chemical Pipe-work
D. Lowe, R. Hope and E. A. Patterson

Three Dimensional Stress Analysis of Contact in Pin-Loaded Joints
T.P. Stritcha, C.T. McCarthy and E.G. Little

Quantitative evaluation of fatigue crack shielding using digital image correlation
J. M. Vasco-Olmo, F. A. Díaz, R. Dorado and L. Felipe-Sesé

Digital image correlation and distortion correction for creep deformation measurement of high temperature components
J. Gao, Y. Yang, H. R. Siebert, T. Siebert; E. P. Ben

Microstructural and mechanical characterization of cold work effects in gum metal
J. Zhang, C.C. Tasan, M. Lai, H. Springer, D. Raabe

Using virtual strain gauges to correlate with bending and torsion measured on a helicopter tail cone using strain gauges
R.J. Plaskitt, A. Halfpenny and P. Roberts

Measurement of local creep properties in stainless steel weldments
Y. Sakanashi, S. Gungo, and P. J. Bouchard

Measuring locally non-uniform in-plane residual stress with straight cuts and DIC
H. K. Kim, M. J. Pavier and A. Shterenlikht

Strain Measurement Using Copper Electroplating Method
S. J. Kwon, J. W. Seo and D. H. Lee

Numerical Analysis o f the Evolution of a Residual Stress Field During Shot Peening
A. Molina-Ballinas, G. Urriolagoitia-Sosa, B. Romero-Ángeles, A. Pérez-Cabrera, L. H. Hernández-Gómez and G. Urriolagoitia-Calderón