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Showcase on leading edge experimental techniques
3rd and 4th November 2014, National Physical Laboratory, London

Please click on the presentation titles below to access the relevant file

Image-based Measurements in Solid Mechanics: A Brief History, Static and Dynamic Application Examples and Recent Developments, M.Sutton 5.88 MB

Identification from full-field measurements – Short review and perspectives, F. Pierron 1.08 MB

Residual stress measurement: why, when, where and how? D. Smith 1.64 MB

Small Scale Testing within a Correlative Multi-scale Framework P. Withers, J. Fonseca and B. Winiarski & T. Burnett 8.78 MB

Thermomechanical analysis of material behaviour, J. Barton &  A. Chrysochoos  6.7 MB

Thermomechanical analysis of material behaviour - strong coupling effects to quantify stresses J.Dulieu-Barton, R. Fruehmann, D. Crump, R. Waugh, G. Battams 4.13 MB

Tomographic imaging of displacement and strain fields: Current techniques and applications Pablo D. Ruiz 4.19 MB

Soft tissue biomechanics and its challenges for experimental mechanics - Focus on blood vessels S. Avril 4.06 MB

The evolution of high and ultra-high speed imaging from qualitative to quantitative, P. Reu and M. Nissen  4.71 MB (To play the videos open the downloaded PDF in Adobe's PDF viewer)

Integration of DIC into VFM: how do measurements contribute to identified material properties? P. Lava, D. Debruyne and F. Pierron 1.87 MB

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