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11th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics
5th-7th September, 2016.
University of Exeter, UK.

Strain measurement of a thin hyperelastic polymer sheet using 3D-Digital Image Correlation and Bulge Test
A Shakeel and D Asquith

Stress corrosion cracking investigation of FV520B stainless using digital image correlation and the J-integral
T Becker, L Naicker, S Barhli and T Marrow

Effects of modelling parameters on the accuracy of modelling deformation in a coarse grain nickel based superalloy
L Fazal, W Li, and J Quinta Da Fonseca

The effect of circular delaminations on the buckling and post buckling behaviour of glare laminates under
S Ahmad,  Al-Azzawi, L Kawashita and .A Featherston

An FE-based deformation tool for stereo digital image uncertainty quantification
R Balcaen, P Lava, and D Debruyne

Microscale experimental investigation of deformation and damage of argillaceous rocks under combined hydric and mechanical loads
L Wang, M Bornert and E Héripré

Data reduction for Structural Health Monitoring based on Chebyshev moments and wavelet transforms
D Crivelli, S Miccoli, B Cahill, S Al-Jumaili, A Clarke and R Pullin

Development of an Acoustic Emission detection technique for wireless damage detection in aerospace structures
S Grigg, R  Pullin, C  Featherston and M Pearson

Optimising an acoustic emission sensor network on a panel of complex geometry using a Local Interaction Simulation Approach
R Marks, M Pearson, C Featherston, A Clarke and  R Pullin

An Acoustic Emission Pattern Recognition Method for Carbon Steel during Tensile Test
J Tang, Y Lage, S Soua, C Mares and  T-H Gan

Stress based full field non-destructive evaluation for in-situ assessment
R Tighe, J  Dulieu-Barton, J Tyler and S Lormor

Mechanics of canvas paintings in historic house environments: Imaging Young’s modulus versus humidity
V Vilde, D Thickett, D Hollis, J Bove-Grau and  E Richardson

Crack Stoppers: A New Solution for Combating Debonds in Sandwich Structures
J Dulieu-Barton, O Thomsen, W Wang and G  Martakos

Mechanical Analysis of Welded Zones in Polymers Using DIC
N  Billon, M Aris-Brosou, A Mikdam , M Vincent, J Agassant, X Colin and C Pradille

Adhesive Bonding Methods for Integrating Macro-fibre Composite Elements onto Carbon-Fibre Composites Aircraft Structures for Strain Energy Harvesting
Q Li, Y Kuang and M Zhu

Measurement and Modelling of Interface Stiffness in Rough Contacts
K  Parel, R Paynter, C. Gachot, and D Nowell

Experimental strain measurement in blanking operation
A Al-Rubaye, H Ghadbeigi and K Atallah

Preparation and characterization of polymers ( Ps)
S Salem Cherif and T Esselma

Characterization of aerospace alloys: Effect of machining
S Dodla, A Roy and V Silberschmidt

A Study of Composite Drilling Mechanisms using Acoustic Emission
M Eaton, R Williams and C Byrne

True Filament Contact Length and Friction in Carbon Fibre Tow-Tool Contact
D Mulvihill , O Smerdova and M Sutcliffe

Application of neutron diffraction and the contour method residual stress determination techniques to complex-shaped coarse-grained Co-Cr-Mo biomedical castings
B Conroy, Y Traoré, S Paddea, J Kelleher and D Tanner

Residual stress under blunt dents due to low velocity impacts
R Fleury, T Sui, S Ying, D Nowell and A Korsunsky

Combined Contour Method and XRD residual stress measurement of induced residual stresses in low alloy steel fatigue specimens
R  Drummond, T Comlekci, D MacKenzie and S Rahimi

Measurements of Stress in Ceramic Materials Using GHz and THz Reflection-Based Polariscopes
P Schemmela, G Diedrich and A  Moore

Verification and Application of Moiré Interferometry Based on Virtual Fields Method
M Zhou, H Xie and L Wu

An experimental approach to determining depth resolved 3D residual strains in thin oxide coatings on aluminium alloys
D Asquith and A Yerokhin

Finite Element Modelling of Cutting
B Cornell

Role of microscopic residual strain in the kinematic hardening of 316H stainless steel
A Mamun, R Moat, J Kelleher and P Bouchard

Experimental Validation of the Decomposition Method on Digital Volume Correlation Displacement Data
M Molteno, T Becker and T Marrow

Accelerated creep strain measurement using high-temperature digital image correlation
M van Rooyen and T Becker

Application of 3D phase congruency in crack identification within materials
A Cinar, D. Hollis, R Tomlinson, T Marrow and M Mostafavi

Experimental Validation of a New Crack Detection Method for Frames
C Featherston, A Labib and D Kennedy

The Investigation of the Dynamic Deformation Behaviour of a 304L Steel Plate with Direct-Pressure Pulse Experiments
A Tasdemirci, F Tuzgel, E Guzel, E Akbulut and M Guden

Sensing Mechanical Properties of Rocks and Beams using Photo Stress Analysis
S Antony, N Ozerkan, A Olugbenga, G Okeke and D Tokgöz

Reforming Photoelastic Concepts
J Lesniak, G Calvert and B Boyce

3D Digital Photoelasticity for Load Transfer Measurements in Dental Applications
A Ziglam and R Tomlinson

Generalized scaling relationships for the complete similitude of plates
C Coutinho, A Baptista and J Rodrigues

Optimal Active Vibration Reduction: Selecting the Control Law
J Hale

Assessment of Experimental Techniques for Ductile Damage Measurement
A Sancho, M Cox T. Cartwright, G Aldrich-Smith, P Hooper, C Davies and J Dear

Experimental investigation and modeling of dynamic performance of wave springs
N Tang , C Lord, N Sims and J Rongong

Investigations of Structural Response to the Dynamics of Surrounding Fluid Flow using Digital Image Correlation and Particle Image Velocimetry
A Nila, D Hollis, R  Bleischwitz, N Phillips and R  Bomphrey

Mechanical and microstructural behaviour of tangled metal wire dampers
K Chandrasekhar, J Rongonga and E Cross

Elastic full-field strain analysis and microdamage progression in the vertebral body from digital volume correlation
G Tozzi, V Danesi, M Palanca and L Cristofolini

On the reconstruction of the true depth profiles from the measured - profiles in x-ray diffraction experiments
N Lozano-Rincon and H Wern

Volumetric strain measurements to evaluate lung plasticity and alveolar interdependency after blast loading
K Vitharana, J Sherwood, T Nguyen, A Bodey, A Karunaratne and H Arora

Micromechanical testing of biological fibres and synthetic fibres and membranes
N Wang and K Goh

Fatigue and fracture of high strength low alloy steel processed by additive manufacturing
H Alsalla,  L Hao and  C Smith

Improving spatial resolution of infrared images: application to surface defects in glass materials
G Corvec, E Robin, J Le Cam, P Lucas and J  Sangleboeuf

Damage detection of a PTFE liner matrix composite through the use of Acoustic Emission
K Karras, R Pullin, R Grosvenor and A Clarke.

Virtual delta-t mapping technique using a local interaction simulation approach for location of Acoustic Emission damage events for aerospace applications
R Marks, M Pearson, A Clarke, C  Featherston, C Paget and R Pullin

Young Stress Analyst Competition 2016
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