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The Measurement of Residual Stress using Diffraction Methods Workshop 14 Sep 2009 to
22 Sep 2009

Manchester Workshop

Residual stress is one of the most common causes of catastrophic and unexpected failures in engineering components. Today, engineers are developing tools and strategies for managing detrimental residual stresses and for introducing beneficial ones across component scales ranging from microelectronics through to aero-engine assemblies. This workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to know more about measuring residual stress using diffraction techniques. It is suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced practitioners. The workshop aims to cover all diffraction methods, neutron, synchrotron and laboratory X-ray. Consequently it will also be of interest to those who already have experience in one field and would like to extend their knowledge into others.

We will also cover sample preparation techniques as well as layer removal by electro polishing. There will be an opportunity to make a measurement using two of Manchester’s “state of the art” stress diffractometers. You can bring a sample if you wish; please let us know in advance.

Registration deadline 13th September.

Download flyer and registration form here

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