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Workshop on Experimental Mechanics 30 Mar 2019 to
3 Apr 2019

University of Southampton, UK Workshop

Chair: Professor Janice Barton

Experimental mechanics’ can be defined as the investigation by experimental means of the mechanical behaviour of engineering systems subjected to load. The system can be a structure, a material, soft matter such as human tissue, a fluid-structure coupling; the list is practically endless. Implicit in the definition is that some kind of measurement system is used to capture a quantity that describes the system’s behaviour. The main attributes conventionally associated with experimental mechanics are the deformation and the mechanical strain. These can then be related to a failure parameter by deriving the stresses from the strains by knowing the material constitutive relationships.

Experimental mechanics approaches that provide a measure related to the strain are therefore very important design tools. Many of these techniques have been available for decades but recently have been gaining popularity because of the advances in computing power and decreasing hardware costs. More importantly from the design perspective, the necessity for experimental data to validate numerical models of systems manufactured from complex nonlinear inhomogeneous materials, such as fibre reinforced polymer composites, is ever increasing. Experimental mechanics approaches have much to offer and it is the purpose of this module to provide an overview of the range of application and operation of the techniques.

The aims of this workshop are to:
- Provide an in-depth understanding of experimental mechanics approaches
- Introduce participants to testing procedures
- Provide detailed knowledge of the application of modern full field techniques such as Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA), Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Grid Methods
- Understand how the data from experimental techniques are manipulated to validate numerical models
- Introduce high speed imaging

This workshop is aimed at postgraduate students conducting research in experimental mechanics and practitioners wishing to update skills and research scientists requiring a broad overview of the topic.

The participants are expected to have a basic knowledge in mechanics. The course is aimed specifically at PHD students, but the course is also recommended for industrial engineers and scientists.

Certificates will be issued on the basis of course participation.

Workshop lecturers
Professor Janice Barton, University of Bristol
Professor Fabrice Pierron, University of Southampton
Professor Simon Quinn, University of Southampton
Dr Duncan Crump, University of Southampton
Dr Andrew Robinson, University of Southampton
Dr Dave Hollis, LA Vision
Mr Alan Fulbrook, Vishay Measurements Group UK Ltd
Mr Peter Fuller, Instron
Professor Richard Burguete, NPL
Ms Eszter Szigeti, Airbus

Workshop timetable
Breaks: Morning 11.00-11.30  Lunch 13.00-14.00   Afternoon 15.30-16.00

Monday 30th March - Mechanical Testing Procedures
08.30 Registration and Coffee
09.00 Lecture 1: Registration and Overview
10.00 Lecture 2: Test Machine Principles
11.30 Lecture 3: Strain Gauges
14.00-18.00 Laboratory Sessions on Strain Gauges and Mechanical Testing
Speakers - Barton, Quinn, Fuller, Fulbrook, Crump, Robinson

Tuesday 31st March - Digital Image Correlation and other White Light Techniques
09.00 Lecture 4: White Light Imaging
11.30 Lecture 5: Digital Image Correlation and Grid Techniques
14.00 Lecture 6: Metrology and Uncertainty Quantification in DIC
16.00-18.00 Laboratory Sessions on Camera Set-up and Digital Image Correlation
Speakers - Barton, Pierron, Hollis, Crump, Robinson

Wednesday 1st April - White Light Data Analysis and Processing
09.00 Lecture 7: Data Analysis and Filtering
11.30 Practical Session on DIC Processing
14.00 Lecture 8: Virtual Fields Method
16.00-18.00 Practical Session on Data Processing
Speakers - Pierron, Hollis, Crump, Robinson

Thursday 2nd April - Infra-red Imaging
09.00 Lecture 9: Infra-red Imaging
10.00 Lecture 10: NDE Applications of Infra-red Thermography
11.30 Lecture 11: Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
14.00-16.00 Laboratory Sessions on Infra-redTechniques
16.30-18.00 Course party
Speakers - Barton, Pierron, Crump, Robinson

Friday 3rd April - Other Techniques and Practical Applications
09.00 Lecture 12: High Speed Imaging
10.00 Lecture 13: Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
11.30 Industrial Applications
14.00 Practical Session on Infra-red Data Processing
15.00 Wrap-up and Close
Speakers - Barton, Quinn, Pierron, Burguete, Szigeti

Schedule is for guidance only

Fees (inclusive of VAT)
*Students £300
Industrial delegates £1320
Industrial delegates (BSSM Members) £1080
Day 1 £456
Day 2 and 3 £912
Day 4 £456

*Proof of PhD student status required from supervisor/advisor

Venue Information
The University of Southampton is located on the South Coast of England and is one of the leading research universities in the UK achieving consistently high scores for its teaching and learning activities. There are currently nearly 20,000 students and 5,000 staff based  across several campuses in Southampton and Winchester. The discipline base is broad, encompassing all the major academic subjects, but there is also a unique commitment to innovation, which is evidenced both in research and scholarship at the leading edge, and also in pioneering new approaches and techniques.

The workshop will take place at the main Highfield campus and is hosted by theSchool of Engineering, which has extensive laboratory and experimental facilities.

For more information please contact:
Amanda Boaler
Society Manager
2 Craven Common

Tel 07756 915295
or +44 (0)7756 915295 overseas


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