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International Workshop on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes in Experimental Mechanics 15 May 2019
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Workshop



Chair: Dr Daniel Mulvihill (University of Glasgow)
and Prof Robert Young FRS (University of Manchester)


All delegates must complete a registration form

Aims and scope

Due to their extraordinary range of physical properties, an immense effort is underway to utilise graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) across the engineering and scientific world. Individual graphene sheets and single carbon nanotubes are extremely strong, but they are tiny nanomaterials and the grand challenge lies in how to realise these extraordinary properties at useful engineering scales.

This workshop will focus on graphene and CNTs in the experimental mechanics of materials. Specifically, it will address advanced graphene and CNT based materials, as well as, graphene and CNT based strain and pressure sensors. Topics include: graphene and CNT based nano-composites; Graphene foams; CNT webs; high strength graphene and CNT based fibres and textiles and graphene & CNT based strain and pressure sensors. The workshop will also discuss application areas, manufacturing routes and testing.

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate exchange and dissemination of cutting edge research in this field. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to, and discuss with, some of the top scientists driving this field forward. The workshop also includes a tour of the UK’s state-of-the-art National Graphene Institute (NGI).

Target audience

The international workshop is aimed at engineers, researchers and scientists working in fields related to graphene and carbon nanotube based materials and sensors, both in academia and industry. It will offer the opportunity to listen, confer and share ideas with internationally recognized scientists.

The speaker line-up includes some of the top international names in the field. The event is also aimed at young researchers and PhD students with an interest in this area.

Delegate Fees (exc. VAT)

Member meeting fee* £150
Non-Member meeting fee £175
Student member fee** £80
Student non-member fee £95

* NGI staff and all other University of Manchester staff and students can attend at the BSSM member fee.
** National Graphene Institute (NGI) students are allowed free entry (up to a maximum limit of up to 30nplaces), but are still required to register.

All delegates must complete a registration form


Workshop Venue: National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, Manchester M13 9PL

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