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Title Date/Time Location Event Type
High Speed Testing 9 Jul 2019
University of Warwick, UK Workshop

Auditorium and mezzanine of the IDL (International Digital Lab) part of the Warwick Manufacturing Group Catapult (WMG)

Venue Chair: Dave Williams WMG


Aims and scope:

The event will include discussions and presentations from industry experts around techniques for the measurement of strain in high rate testing including:

Professor Fabrice Pierron University of Southampton

Image-based inertial high strain rate tests

Dr Paul Hooper Research Fellow, Imperial College London

High speed imaging and applications in metals, glass and composites

Dr. Ian Butterworth WMG, Test Facility Engineer

High strain rate testing of lightweight materials, opportunities and challenges

High Value Manufacturing Catapult WMG

WMG and catapult introduction

Dr Hari Arora Swansea University

In situ real-time assessment of biomaterial deformation using synchrotron tomography

Dr Yanhong Chen University of Oxford

Dynamic behaviour of lightweight materials based on high-speed imaging

The three areas covered will be development of new materials for applications such as supersonic aerospace travel, infrastructure protection and automotive crash structures.

Target audience:

People using high rate tensile machines, split Hopkinson bar tests or other impact or ballistic tests.

There will be an exhibition of High Speed Imaging equipment from various manufacturers.



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