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Level 1 Pre-Examination Seminar 27 Feb 2019
Vishay Precison Group - Micro Measurements Seminar

Certification of Strain Measurement Personnel

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The BSSM runs a certification scheme to promote good practice in strain measurement, and to confirm the competence of a strain gauge user by awarding a formal qualification.

The Level 1 Pre - Examination Seminar will take place on Wednesday 27th February 2019 at Vishay, Precision Group - Micro-Measurements, Basingstoke.
The Level 1 Examination will take place on Wednesday 13th March 2019 at Vishay, Precision Group - Micro-Measurements, Basingstoke.

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The scheme operates at three levels consistent with the European Standard EN473:2005, General Principles for Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel.

Information Registration
Level 1 The basic qualification for Technicians who install strain gauges (similar to NVQ2)

Level 2 The qualification for strain gauge technicians with supervisory roles, who utilise strain gauges to make measurements (similar to NVQ3).

Level 3 Diploma

The qualification for senior strain measurement personnel who specify strain gauge installations and who are responsible for the analysis of measurement data (similar to NVQ4)

Experience with the certification scheme over a period of 30 years has shown that certification: 

  • Demonstrates staff and organisational competence to external bodies
  • Increases staff confidence
  • Extends skills and understanding and consequently staff interest
  • Enhances staff status within the company

BSSM certification runs for 5 years. To renew your accreditation please complete and return the relevant form below to:

Amanda Boaler
Society Manager
2 Craven Common

Mobile : 07756 915295

Level 1 Renewal Form
Level 2 Renewal Form
Level 3 Renewal Form

For the dates of the next scheduled exams visit the training courses and exams page

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