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Workshop on Experimental Mechanics 1 Apr 2019 to
5 Apr 2019

University of Southampton, UK Workshop


Experimental mechanics’ can be defined as the investigation by experimental means of the mechanical behaviour of engineering systems subjected to load. The system can be a structure, a material, soft matter such as human tissue, a fluid-structure coupling; the list is practically endless. Implicit in the definition is that some kind of measurement system is used to capture a quantity that describes the system’s behaviour. The main attributes conventionally associated with experimental mechanics are the deformation and the mechanical strain. These can then be related to a failure parameter by deriving the stresses from the strains by knowing the material constitutive relationships.

This workshop is aimed at postgraduate students conducting research in experimental mechanics and practitioners wishing to update skills and research scientists requiring a broad overview of the topic.

Experimental mechanics approaches that provide a measure related to the strain are therefore very important design tools. Many of these techniques have been available for decades but recently have been gaining popularity because of the advances in computing power and decreasing hardware costs. More importantly from the design perspective, the necessity for experimental data to validate numerical models of systems manufactured from complex nonlinear inhomogeneous materials, such as fibre reinforced polymer composites, is ever increasing. Experimental mechanics approaches have much to offer and it is the purpose of this module to provide an overview of the range of application and operation of the techniques.

For full details of the workshop content please download the flyer.


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