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Strain Gauge Workshop 29 Sep 2010
Southampton Workshop

Download flyer and registration form here

Workshops organised by the BSSM and Vishay Measurements Group.

The applications engineers of Vishay Measurements Group will give a brief introduction to basic strain gauge theory, gauge performance charactersistics, adhesives and application techniques. This will be followed by a practical demonstration of the methods of attaching strain gauges, installing leads and applying protective coatings.

There will be an opportunity for hands-on participation, for which 15 places are available. In addition others will be able to closely observe and ask questions. All participants will be able to seek advice on specific issues.

A range of Vishay Measurements Group’s technical and educational products will be available for inspection.

The techniques employed in these workshops are to BSSM Standards. The BSSM Strain Gauge Installation Certificate is awarded to candidates who demonstrate that they can install gauge systems to BSSM Strain Gauge Standards. Examinations for the Society’s Certificate are held three times a year in different centres in the UK. Details will be available at these workshops.

Closing dates for registration: Glasgow - Wednesday 16 June 2010 Southampton - Wednesday 22 September 2010

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