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Test and Analysis of Materials Performance in Sport Engineering 9 May 2012
Loughborough University Seminar

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Sports engineering represents a rapidly growing community within industry and academia, and within this discipline the study of material characteristics represents a fascinating topic.  In the case of field based sports mechanical testing and evaluation of contact between footwear and surfaces or balls is one example of its importance, as is the successful design of items such as rackets and bats.  In the latter, dynamic testing and modelling of equipment can give valuable insight into impact behaviour; an area of interest also for protective gear such as helmets.  The study of materials in sports spans disciplines of mechanical engineering and aerodynamics, especially in the design of vehicles such as bobsleigh, yachts, and sports cycles. 

Performance of sports textiles and clothing is an additional growing area, as is the topic of mechanobiology.

The seminar will address a wide range of topics such as those mentioned above, with presentations by leading practitioners in the field. The use of advanced modelling, and state-of-the art physical testing will be covered.
Venue location

Main Conference Room
Sports Technology Institute
Loughborough Park
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
Who should attend?

The seminar is suitable for all involved in Sports Engineering  and in particular for those focussed on strain and deformation measurement.  


Dr Andy Harland (Loughborough University)
Dr Dave Hollis (LaVision UK Ltd)

Further details contact
Tel: +44(0) 1525 712779

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