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Uncertainty Quantification in Digital Image Correlation 22 Feb 2017
The National Physical Laboratory, Hampton Rd, Teddington TW11 0LW, UK. Seminar

Dr Richard Burguete, NPL
Dr Dave Hollis, BSSM

The seminar is aimed at engineers, physicists and scientists with a background in mechanics of materials and\or mechanical testing  wishing to learn more about uncertainty quantification in DIC measurements.

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is an extremely popular measurement tool utilised widely in experimental mechanics.  By virtue of the optical technology it employs, it is easy to deploy and can acquire data where other techniques cannot. It is also very easy to gather full-field data quickly. However there is still a lack of understanding surrounding the uncertainties associated with DIC measurements:

- What are the sources of error in DIC measurements?
- How can we quantify the uncertainties reliably?
- How do I use this uncertainty information?
- How does it propagate into derived data?
- Does uncertainty quantification (UQ) really matter?

This event aims to address these questions. It may not arrive at all of the answers but the objective is to share current practices and perspectives around this extremely important subject.  Through a host of well-known speakers you will learn about uncertainty quantification; it’s history, importance, and state-of-the-art approaches. The event will also have a session where you will be encouraged to share your ideas and current approaches to UQ in DIC measurements.

There will be an exhibition of instruments related to the techniques presented.

 Start    Finish   Title of Presentations/session  
 09.30    10.00  Registration, exhibition and coffee
 10.00    10.05  Introduction and welcome
 Dr Dave Hollis, LaVision
 10.05    10.30  Uncertainty quantification in materials testing 
 Dr Jerry Lord, BSSM
 10.30  11.00

The story of DIC Uncertainty Quantification to this point
 Dr Phillip Reu, Sandia National Labs

 11.00  11.30  Application example: Uncertainties in SEM-DIC    Dr Nick McCormick, NPL
 11.30  12.15  2 min presentation per delegate (max 2 slides) - your current
 approach to DIC uncertainty quantification
 All attendees
 12.15  13.15  Lunch and Exhibition
 13.15    13.45  Knowing the unknowns: Quantifying uncertainties in DIC using synthetic images 
 Dr Pascal Lava, MatchID
 13.45  14.15  Propagation of DIC uncertainties in material identification
 and FE model validation
 Prof Fabrice Pierron, University of Southampton
 14.15  15.45  Impact on decision-making of quantified uncertainty for
 DIC measurements
 Prof Eann Patterson, University of Liverpool
 14.45  15.15  Coffee and Exhibition
 15.15   15.45  Uncertainty Quantification in DIC – an Industrial Perspective
 Dr Eszter Szigeti, Airbus
 15.45  16.15  Propagating experimental UQ into simulations 
 Dr Louise Wright, NPL
 16.15  17.00  Summary: where it’s all heading and international activity
 Chaired by Dr Phillip Reu
 17.00  17.10  Closing Remarks Dr Dave Hollis, LaVision

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