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Digital Image Correlation : towards standardisation and good practice 28 Apr 2021
NPL, Teddington, UK Seminar

Co-sponsored by the International DIC Society
This one day seminar focuses on the increasing use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) as a regular measurement tool in academic and industrial environments, and the challenges associated with ensuring good practices and high data quality.  With several notable speakers from the community, this event will provide valuable insights into current activities, and is sure to inspire lively discussion. The event is not focussed on one particular application, but instead aims to bring together experiences from a broad range of industries.  With co-sponsorship from iDICs, there will be reference to the DIC Good Practice guide, and discussion on how it fits with the various application areas. Alongside the presentations there will also be an exhibition where companies providing DIC relevant products will be present.  


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