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EMex is the premier UK exhibition for manufacturers and suppliers of strain measurement and stress analysis equipment.

The exhibition will take place on Thursday 30th August 2012, at the University of Glasgow, as part of the IoP's Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis Conference.

Exhibition opening times and registration
The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 16:00 on 30th August 2012 and will be advertised widely. Visitors will attend throughout the day. Refreshments for the conference will be served in the exhibition area.

Register as an exhibitor
To book an exhibition place please complete registration form click here or contact

Registered exhibitors

Correlated SolutionsCorrelated Solutions / MD3D
VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation Systems. Non-contact measurement systems for high speed vibration, microscopy etc applications
VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation Systems. Non-contact measurement systems for high speed vibration, microscopy etc applications

Dantec Dynamics
Optical measurements, Optical Image Correlation, ESPI, Laser Shearography

Doosan Power Systems
Doosan Power Systems provides a comprehensive range of full-scale component testing, risk based inspection and structural integrity services, with many years of experience, to the Oil and Gas, Nuclear Energy, Aeronautical and Civil Engineering Industries. We can carry out Small Scale Mechanical Tests within our UKAS accredited Mechanical Test Laboratory, Fracture Toughness Tests within our Fatigue Laboratory including Engineering Criticality Assessments, and Full Scale Testing within our Component Test Laboratory. Our Component Test Laboratory has the capacity to apply up to 20MN in Tension, 30MN in Compression or 9MN in Fatigue to client products. We can design and build bespoke test rigs in-house for the application on non-standard or multi axis loading conditions to components.Other services offered in house include Failure Analysis, Structural Integrity Assessment, Manual and Automated NDT, Noise and Vibration.

Thermal imaging cameras for research and development.

Fylde Electronic Labs
Strain gauge instrumentation, both dynamic and static.

GOM Optical Strain Analysis System.
GOM Optical 3D Motion Analysis Analysis System.
GOM Finite Element Verification Software - SVIEW

HBM will be showing CANHEAD direct - the distributed amplifier system for structural test & ESA; the Optical Measurement chain - ideal for difficult environments & materials; eDAQ - the rugged DAQ system for mobile, stand-alone measurement; and the QuantumX - universal data acquisition system

Kistler Instruments
Kistler is a leading manufacturere of dynamic measurement technology, sensors, signal conditioning and data acquisition solutions. Force and vibration are key areas.

LaVision UK\

NAC Image Technology
High Speed Cameras and Image Processing Software

Techni-Measure supplies a wide range of strain gauges, adhesives and accessories as well as sensors for vibration, load, pressure, orientation, displacement and temperature. Wireless systems are also avaliable.

Vishay Measurements Group
Strain gauge and instrumentation sales/technical support.

Venue, travel and accommodation information
Please visit the conference website click here

What is provided
Exhibitors will be provided with an exhibition area, one table, two chairs and access to power points. Exhibitors must ensure that any equipment being brought onto the premises has a PAT certificate. Posters should not be fixed to the walls in the exhibition room.

Registration for exhibitors will take place in the exhibition area during set up times.

Set up and close down times
Exhibitors can set up their stands between 08.00 and 10.00 on the morning of Thursday 30th August. Stand break down from 16.00 - 17.30 on Thursday 30th August. Please note there is no facility to set up the day before the exhibition.

Exhibitors are requested to ensure they have adequate insurance cover. Belongings are brought onto the premises at the owner’s own risk. Please note the area in which the exhibition will take place is unsuitable for locking at any time during the day.

Contact details
Biana Gale
Tel: +44 (0)1525 712779