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2018 Conference Theme - Biomechanics


Static breast skin strain and breast support
Michelle Norris, C. Mills, J. Wakefield-Scurr
University of Portsmouth, UK

Numerical and experimental analysis of a personalized prosthesis for a patient with unilateral hip osteoarthritis
Juan Alfonso Beltran-Fernandez
1, O.R. Ruíz- Muñoz1, L.H. Hernández-Gómez1, I. Bantle- Chávez1, C. Alvarado-Moreno1, A. González- Rebattú y González2, E.A. Figueroa-Rodríguez1, A.L. Lievano1, P. Moreno-Garibaldi1, N.D. Pava- Chipol1
1Instituto Politecnico Nacional, 2Hospital Regional ISSSTE, Mexico

In-vivo optical strain measurements of the human heart
A. Soltani
1, J. Lahti2, S. Curtze1, K. Järvelä2, J. Laurikka2, Mikko Hokka1, V.-T. Kuokkala1
1Tampere University of Technology, 2Tampere University, Finland

In vitro strain measurements of stent-artery interactions using 3D digital image correlation method
Paolo Ferraiuoli
1, J.W. Fenner1, M.C.M. Rutten2, A.J. Narracott1
1University of Sheffield, UK, 2Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


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