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2018 Conference Theme - Novel Sensor Development


Developing an understanding of shear horizontal transducers for damage detection
Frederick Purcell, R. Pullin, D. Crivelli, M. Eaton
Cardiff University, UK

Crack propagation within Penrose tilling-based structures
Rian Seghir, J. Réthoré, M. Nicol, A.C. Vermeil, Y. Wang
Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

Investigation of influence factors of photomechanical measurement errors
Xiaojuan Zhang, H. Zhu, Q. Ma, Z. Liu, S. Ma
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Dynamic pressure reconstruction using the VFM
Rene Kaufmann, B. Ganapathisubramani, F. Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Photoelasticity with gigahertz and terahertz illumination
Andrew Waddie, G. Diederich, A.J. Moore
Heriot- Watt University, UK

Investigating micro-scale surface change of an ohmic MEMS switch contact between switching cycles
Thomas Bull, L. Jiang, J.W. McBride
University of Southampton, UK




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