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2018 Conference Theme - Small Scale Testing


Probing the compressive failure mechanisms in syntactic foam using X-ray micro-computed tomography
Mehmet Kartal
University of Aberdeen, UK

The micro-mechanical characterization of wood fibers: A strategy for distinguishing between early and late wood growth
Stephen Garrett
1, D.A. Jesson1, G. Pans2, C. Phanopoulos2, J.F. Watts1
1University of Surrey, UK, 2Huntsman Polyurethanes, Belgium

Investigation of nanoscale strains at the austenitic stainless steel 316L surface using nanogauge gratings and EBSD
Joseph Marae Djouda
1,2, Y. Madi2,3, G. Montay1, B. Panicaud1, T. Maurer2 
1Université de Technologie de Troye, 2EPF - Ecole d’ingénieurs, 3Centre des Matériaux, UMR CNRS, France


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