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2019 Conference Theme - Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)


The Development of a Practical Wireless Sensor Based Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring System.
R. Pullin, S. Grigg, C. A. Featherston
Cardiff University, UK

Real-time location and quantification of damage in composite materials
W.J.R. Christian1, K. Dvurecenska1, K. Amjad1, C. Przybyla2, E.A. Patterson1
1 University of Liverpool, UK
2 Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton OH, USA

Non-destructive evaluation of isotropic plate structures by means of mode filtering in the frequency-wavenumber domain
F. Purcell, M. Pearson, M. Eaton, R. Pullin Cardiff University, UK

Investigation of Surface Strain Fields of Thermoplastic Composites Using Fibre Optic Sensors
N. Perogamvros1, P. Motwani2, A. Murphy1, S. Taylor1
1 Queens University Belfast, UK, 
2 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

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