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16th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics

BSSM’s 16th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics

A final programme as a word document is available to download here

The conference took place between Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th September 2022 at St Anne's College, University of Oxford, UK


Introduction & Welcome
Conference Chair: Prof James Marrow, University of Oxford

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre
Session 1.1a Chair: Dr Mateusz Kopec
Metals & Microstructure I

Title not available*
J Hoefnagels, T Vermeij, JAC Verstijnen, RHJ Peerlings & MGD Geers
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Monitoring Intrinsic Heat Dissipation in Metals by Measuring the Second-Harmonic Phase of Temperature
R Cappello, G Meneghetti, M Ricotta & G Pitarresi
University of Palermo, Italy

A Comparison of Ductility Measurement Approaches for Ti Alloy Sheet
W Heatman, J Fonseca & P Shanthraj
University of Manchester, UK

Pure Shear Deformation and Failure of Ti6Al4V Alloy under Quasi-static, Medium and High Strain Rate Torsional Loading
L H Zhang & D Townsend
University of Oxford, UK

Seminar Room 7
Session 1.1b Chair: Prof Ben Xu
Soft Matter & Textiles

A Structural Gel Composite Sensor Enabled Underwater Mechano-Sensing with High Sensitivity
Z Wang, H Zhou, D Liu, X Chen, F Chen & B Bin Xu
Northumbria University, UK

Electrospun Fiber Based Non-Woven Textile for Extreme Thermal Management
Z Qin, C Markwell, J Li & H Torun
Northumbria University, UK

Stretchable Conductive Fibres of Ultrahigh Tensile Strain and Stable Conductance Enabled by a Worm-Shaped Graphene Microlayer
X Sun, F Sun, M Tian, L Qu & X Liu
University of Manchester, UK

Design and Development of Soft Gel Based Sensor
B Bin Xu, H Zhou & F Chen
Northumbria University, UK

Seminar Room 8
Session 1.1c Chair: Prof Janice Dullieu-Barton
Testing of Composite Materials I

Investigation of the Strength of Adhesively Bonded Composite Joints Using a Modified Arcan Fixture
DJ Brearley, OT Thomsen, JM Dullieu-Barton & M Lakrimi
University of Bristol, UK

Damage Characterisation in Open Hole Composites using Finite Element and Complementary NDE Techniques
N Chandarana, O. Helps, C. Thornton P. Fromme, A. Doherty, D. Shoukroun, T. Laux, and P.J.
University of Bristol, UK

 Analysis of Electronic Fringe Patterns for Identifying in-plane Fibre Waviness in Composite Laminates*
XN Li, PC Sung, EA Patterson, WC Wang & WJR Christian
University of Liverpool, UK

Strain-based Monitoring of Damage Creation during the Impact of Composite Materials
YH Chai, WC Wang & WJR Christian
University of Liverpool, UK

11:00 Refreshments – Ruth Deech Building - Foyer

Session 1.2a Chair: Prof Fabrice Pierron
Materials Testing 2.0

A Thermomechanical MT2.0 test for PMMA
Q. Marcot, T Fourest, B Langrand & F Pierron
ONERA, France

A Novel Material Testing 2.0 Test for Bone*
P. Tavianatou, L Fletcher & F Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Methodology for the Automated Spatial Mapping of Heterogeneous Elastoplastic Properties of Welded Joints*
R. Hamill, A Marek, A Harte & F Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

A Methodology to Compare the Performance of Material Models in the Framework of Material Testing 2.0
A Peshave, F Pierron, P Lava, D Moens, and D Vandepitte
KU Leuven, Belgium

Session 1.2b Chair: Dr Hari Arora
Biomaterials & Biomechanics

 Spatially Distributed Circumferential Strain Measurement in an Artificial Annulus Fibrosus using Fibre Bragg Gratings*
M. Godfrey, S Jantzen, A Dickinson, C. Holmes, A Taylor & M Browne
University of Southampton, UK

An Ultra-High-Speed Imaging Study of Cell Deformation and Mechanobiology from Ultrasonic Stimulation
M. Ballard, A Marek & F. Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Experimental Mechanical Modelling of the Mitral Valve
S. Javadpour, F O’Brien & C Conway
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

Measuring Microneedle Penetration into Skin using DIC and Micro-CT
R Joyce, S Evans, K Rankin, M Potts, S Coulman, J Birchall & R Pullin
Cardiff University, UK

Session 1.2c Chair: Dr Yevgen Gorash
Fatigue and Fracture I

Multiaxial Crack Growth Prediction
B Sheen
Imperial College London, UK

On the Correlation Between the Second-Harmonic of Temperature and Crack-Closure
G. Pitarresi & C. Cappello
University of Palermo, Italy

Photomechanical Experimental Methods to Characterize the Dynamic Crack Speed in Brittle Materials
P Forquin, M Sapay & Y Duplan
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

 Thermal Emissions-Based Structural Health Monitoring System for Crack Detection*
K Amjad, P Lambert, CA Middleton, RJ Greene & EA Patterson
University of Liverpool & UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK

Lunch – St Anne’s Dining Hall

Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre Chair: Dr Daniel Mulvihill
Multi-Beam Laboratory for Engineering Microscopy
Prof. Alexander Korsunsky, University of Oxford, UK

Refreshments – Ruth Deech Building - Foyer

Session 1.3a Chair: Prof Pascal Forquin
Impact, Blast and High Strain Rate

Explosively Driven Ball Bearings: Flight Behaviour and Ball Bearing Damage
G S Langdon, R Qi, TJ Cloete, S. Chung Kim Yuen
University of Sheffield, UK

Strain Rate Dependent Micro-plasticity of Metal-Organic Framework Glasses
RN Widmer, AM Bumstead, M Jain, TD Bennett & J Michler
Alemnis AG & Empa Switzerland, Switzerland

Material Parameters Identification Based on Dynamic Tests and Synthetic Images*
Y Amani, T Fourest, P Almeida & B. Langrand

Investigating High-speed Liquid Impingement with Full-field Measurements
CB Burson-Thomas, L Fletcher, R Wellman, TJ Harvey, RJK Wood & F Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Session 1.3b Chair: Dr Catrin Davies
Techniques for Additive Manufactured Materials

Residual Stress Distributions in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Steels Considering Displacive Phase Transformation
D Yang, Y Chen, FSHB Freeman, MJ Roy, I Todd & PJ Withers
University of Manchester, UK

Understanding the Compressive Behaviour of Additively Manufactured Lattices*
M Stagno Navarra, C Burson-Thomas, AR Hamilton & M Browne
University of Southampton, UK

Microstructure, Mechanical Testing, and Modeling of Wire Arc Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel
JPM Hoefnagels, L Palmeira Belotti, T van Nuland, JAW van Dommelen & MRD Geers
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Fabrication of Copper-aluminium FGMs Through Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing*
FG Cunha, VR Duarte, TG Santos, J Xavier & F Pierron
NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal

Session 1.3c Chair: Dr Daniel Mulvihill
Novel Experimental Techniques I

Non-destructive Ultrasonic Measurement of Longitudinal Stress in Railway Tracks
G Nicholas, J Hill, A Gower, R Lewis & RS Dwyer-Joyce
University of Sheffield, UK

Measurement of the Whole Strain Tensor by a 6-axis Embedded Sensor
MLM François & Y Lecieux
University of Nantes & CNRS, France

Verification of Mirror Assisted Full-Field Imaging for Large Scale Structure Testing
HL Leung, JM Dulieu-Barton & OT Thomsen
University of Bristol, UK

Welcome Drinks Reception – Ruth Deech Building – Foyer, St. Anne’s College, Oxford

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre
Session 2.1a Chair: Dr Neha Chandarana
Testing of Composite Materials II

An Experimental Investigation of Residual Stress in Rapidly Cured Composites
B Seers, RA Tomlinson & P Fairclough
University of Sheffield, UK

The Effect of the Impact Site on Repaired Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymer Panels*
ZEC Hall, J Liu, R Brooks, Y Ding, AM Joesbury, LT Harper, H Liu, BRK Blackman, AJ Kinloch & JP Dear
Imperial College, London, UK

Effect of Fibre Microstructure on Kinking in Unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Composites Imaged in Real Time under Axial Compression
K Nelms, Y Wang, Y. Chen, A Rack, S Rawson, E Maire & PJ Withers
University of Manchester, UK

Progress in Hybrid Testing of Composite Structures
T Laux, OT Thomsen, JM Dullieu-Barton
University of Bristol, UK

Seminar Room 7
Session 2.1b Chair: Dr Daniel Mulvihill
Tribology and Contact

Linking Material Strain and Friction to Triboelectric Charge Transfer*
JL Armitage, A Ghanbarzadeh, MG Bryant, A Neville
University of Leeds, UK

Systematic Contact Mechanics Investigation of Micro-patterned Triboelectric Nanogenerator
C Kumar, J Perris, G Min, N Gadegaard, Y Xu, R Dahiya, DM Mulvihill
University of Glasgow, UK

The Static Friction Peak in Frictional Hysteresis Loops
SB Jaber, Y Xu, ME Kartal, N Gadegaard & DM Mulvihill
University of Glasgow, UK

Measuring the Compressive Modulus of Soft Thin Films Using the Elastic Foundation Model*
CB Burson-Thomas, M Godfrey & M Browne
University of Southampton, UK

Seminar Room 8
Session 2.1c Chair: Dr Ceri Middleton
Data Driven Mechanics for Prediction & Validation

Assessing the Quality of Sparse Datasets for use in Validation*
C McElvaney, EA Patterson & K Dvurecenska
University of Liverpool, UK

Experimental Validation of the EUCLID approach for Unsupervised Discovery of Hyperelastic Constitutive Laws
M Ricci, P Carrara, M Flaschel, S Kumar, S Marfia & L De Lorenzis
Roma Tre University, Italy

One-shot Characterization of Material Rate-Sensitivity from HS Images
R Seghir, A Vinei, J Rethore, J Berthe & G Portemont
GeM, Centrale Nantes, France

Validation of Damage Models using Full-Field Data of Open-Hole Composite Specimens
RC Bullock, T Laux, OT Thomsen, JM Dullieu-Barton
University of Bristol, UK

Exhibitor Introductions Chair: Dr Hari Arora

Refreshments and EMex22 Exhibition – Ruth Deech Building – Foyer B

Alemnis AG, Correlated Solutions, GOM, Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer UK, Instron, iX-Cameras, LaVision UK, MatchID, Photonlines, Photo-Sonics International, Photron, Quantum Design UK and Ireland, Shimadzu, Specialised Imaging & Techni Measure

Session 2.2a Chair: Dr Ceri Middleton
Smarter Testing of Aerospace Structures

Challenges to overcome for relying on virtual testing in aerospace*
CA Middleton & EA Patterson
University of Liverpool, UK

Ontologies for Experimental Mechanics
JL Hippolyte, P. Duncan, M Bevilacqua & M. Chrubasik
National Physical Laboratory, UK

Application of an Enhanced Validation Protocol to an Industrial Structure*
K Dvurecenska & EA Patterson
University of Liverpool, UK

From Sensor Placement in the Context of CAD to Measured Data: Traceability through 3DEXPERIENCE
A Goff & D Sheppard
Dassault Systèmes UK Limited, UK

Session 2.2b Chair: Prof Giuseppe Pitarresi
Fatigue and Fracture II

Technical Challenges in Accelerated Very High Cycle Fatigue Testing of Structural Steels and Welds
Y Gorash, T Comlekci, G Styger, J Kelly, F Brownlie & L Milne
University of Strathclyde, UK

Mesoscale Ultrasonic Fatigue with Non-Contact Fatigue Crack Detection Method & Environmental Testing Capabilities*
R Scales, J Gong & AJ Wilkinson
University of Oxford, UK

Evaluation of the Strain Rate Effect in UFT Testing of Structural Steels
L Milne, Y Gorash, T Comlekci & D MacKenzie
University of Strathclyde, UK

Digital Imaging Correlation for Strain Control during Fatigue Cycling
D Coon, M Maric, C Palmer, D Hollis & A Wisbey
Jacobs, UK & LaVision, UK

Session 2.2c Chair: Dr Geir Olafsson
Novel Experimental Techniques II

Probing the Stability Landscape of Thin-Walled Composite Cylinders
RL Lincoln, C.J. McInnes, M. O’Leary, F. Morabito, A. Pirrera, R.M.J. Groh, S. Akromah, T. Brereton, A. Chen, E. Georgiou, J. Griffith, I. Lee, C. Stewart, M. Veyrat Cruz-Guzman, T. Wilcox, L. Zhu, M.L. Longana
University of Bristol, UK

The industrial Applications of a Rapid Reflection Photoelastic Coating
WH Fraser, RA Tomlinson & AJ Parnell
University of Sheffield, UK

Approximating Loads in Kick Scooters with Measured Strain
S Pearson, E Tarleton & F Hofmann
University of Oxford, UK

Measuring Young's Modulus of Polymer Sheets by Ultrasonic Lamb Waves
H Lu & G Menary
Queens University Belfast, UK

Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre Chair: Prof Johan Hoefnagels
BSSM Best Paper in ‘Strain’ Fylde Prize for 2021

Combined Thermographic Phosphor and Digital Image Correlation (TP+ DIC) for Simultaneous Temperature and Strain Measurements. Strain (2021): e12415
Elizabeth MC Jones, Amanda R. Jones, and Caroline Winters. Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Lunch and EMex22 Exhibition – Ruth Deech Building - Foyer B

Alemnis AG, Correlated Solutions, GOM, Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer UK, Instron, LaVision UK, MatchID, Photonlines, Photo-sonics International, Photron, Shimadzu, Quantum Design UK and Ireland, Specialised Imaging & Techni Measure

Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre Chair: Dr Neha Chandarana
BSSM Young Stress Analyst Competition Nominees:

Jack Chester
Filipa Cunha
Tijmen Vermeij
Rafael Ruiz Iglesias

 Refreshments and EMex Exhibition – Ruth Deech Building – Foyer B

15:50 Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre Chair: Andrew Ramage
BSSM Measurements Lecture 2022
Light Weighting Aircraft Structures for Greener Aviation – Design, Optimisation and Structural Health Monitoring
Prof. Carol Featherston, Cardiff University, UK

Chairman’s Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony – Mansfield College Chapel, Mansfield College, Oxford

Thursday 8th September 2022

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre
Session 3.1a Chair: Prof Johan Hoefnagels
Metals and Microstructure II

Effect of Static Magnetic Field on High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of Grade P91 Steel*
M Mokhtarishirazabad, A Harte, Y Wang & M Mostafavi
University of Bristol, UK

Microscale Damage Prediction enables High-Resolution in-situ Measurement and CP Simulation of Plasticity-to-damage in Dual-Phase Steel*
T Vermeij, CJA Mornout, NA van de Straat, V Rezazadeh & JPM Hoefnagels
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Recent Development in Sheet Metal Forming of Titanium Alloys
M Kopec, L Wang, K Wang, X Liu & ZL Kowalewski
Polish Academy of Sciences & Imperial College London, UK

Seminar Room 7
Session 3.1b Chair: Prof Genevieve Langdon
Dynamic Behaviour of Materials

Application of Ultra-high Speed Imaging to Understand Surgical Ultrasonic Cutting
A Marek & F Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

An Image Based Inertial Impact Test for the Characterization of Viscoelastic Materials
A Matejunas, L Fletcher & L Lamberson
UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK

Characterisation of the Dynamic Compressive Behaviour of Ceramic using Planar Plate-impact and Shockless Plate-impact Experiments
J Genevois, P Forquin
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Investigation of the Strain-rate Sensitivity of two Alumina Ceramics Thanks to Shockless Plate-impact Spalling Tests
P Forquin, J Genevois, H Chauhan & A Coscuella
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Seminar Room 8
Session 3.1c Chair: Prof Ole Thomsen
Fracture and Failure of Composites

The Effect of Moisture Ingress on Mode-I Fracture Toughness of Carbon/epoxy Laminates with Hybrid Toughening Using Core-shell Rubber Particles and Thermoplastic Veils
S Wang, KB Katnam, Z Zou & P Potluri
University of Manchester, UK

Impact of Repaired CFRPs: Ultrasonic Evaluation and Microscopic Analysis of Internal Damage*
RA Brooks, J Liu, ZEC Hall Y Ding, AM Joesbury, LT Harper, H Liu, BRK Blackman, AJ Kinloch & JP Dear
Imperial College London, UK

Identifying Impact Fatigue Damage in Carbon Fiber Composites Using Infrared Deflectometry and the Virtual Fields Method
I Mendoza & L Lamberson
Colorado School of Mines, USA

Refreshments – Ruth Deech Building Foyer

Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre Chair: Dr Hari Arora
Image Analysis Techniques for Novel Analysis of Creep Tests
Dr Catrin Mair Davies, Imperial College London, UK

Session 3.2a Chair: Professor James Marrow
Infrared & Thermal Methods

Characterisation of Complex Composite Geometries using Thermal Imaging*
G Olafsson
University of Bristol, UK

Thermographic Non-destructive Assessment for Impacted Flax Fiber-reinforced Composite Laminates
K Srihi, N Massé, A El-Hafidi, J Rousseau & B Martin
Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France

Study of Thermo-mechanical Properties of NiCoCrAlY Bond Coats using Microtensile Samples and 2D-DIC
S Kumar, P Kumar, S Sampath & V Jayaram
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Development of Infra-red Camera Models to Assess Accuracy and Precision in Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
I Jiménez-Fortunato, C Devivier & JM Dulieu-Barton
University of Bristol, UK

Session 3.2b Chair: Dr Dave Hollis
Digital Image Correlation I

Evaluation of the Reliability of 2D and 3D DIC Creep Deformation
E Muyupa, HK Kim & J Bouchard
The Open University, UK

Digital Image correlation for Strain Measurement on Notched and Welded Specimens
T Kosco & V Chmelko
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

An Automated High-Resolution Digital Image Correlation System for Capturing Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms
E Breitbarth, F Paysan, T Strohmann, D Melching & G Requena
Institute of Materials Research, Germany

Measurement Discontinuous Strain Around the Dissimilar Materials Interface Using Global Digital Image Correlation
Y Tsujii, N Iketa, K Lizuka & S Yoneyama
Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Session 3.2c Chair: Dr Charchit Kumar
Testing of Polymers

Evaluating the Effect of the Filler Amount on the Crack Growth Behavior of Natural Rubber and the Strain Distribution
H Mitamura, K Iizuka & S Yoneyama
Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Energy Harvesting Performance of Polymer Composites Dispersed Potassium Sodium Niobate Piezoelectric Particles
K Maruyama, X Liu, Y Kawakami, H Kurita & F Narita
Tohoku University, Japan & University of Manchester, UK

Syntheses and experimental characterisations of carbon nanotubes-enhanced natural rubbers for wave energy harvesting applications
M Hossain, Ali Esmaeili, Ian Masters
Swansea University, UK

Lunch – St Anne’s College Dining Hall

Session 3.3a Chair: Prof Genevieve Langdon
Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments

Application of the Virtual Fields Method to Reconstruct Full-Field Surface Pressures During the Dynamic Response of Blast Loaded Steel Plates
R Kaufmann, SN Olufsen, E Fagerholt & V Aune
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Experimental Determination of Initial Velocity Distribution in Blast Loaded Plates
R Curry, GS Langdon, JP Tyler, S Clarke & A Tyas
University of Sheffield, UK

Ballistic Performance of Wadded Angle-interlock Fabric Panels for Ballistic Helmet
M Yang & X Chen
University of Manchester, UK

Nanomechanical Response of Coatings: Temperature and Strain Rate Dependence*
H Zhang, M Gee & AT Fry
National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK

Session 3.3b Chair: Prof James Marrow
X-Ray Tomography & Radiography

Evaluation of Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) Applicability in Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Particle-doped Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers using In Situ Synchrotron Radiation Computed Tomography (SRCT)
Y Lee, E. Schöberl1, K. Ball1, C. Furtado2,3, P. Patel2, A. Arteiro3, M. Majkut4, L. Helfen5, B. Wardle2, T. Tsuneo6, F. Yasuhiro6, S. Naoki6, M. Jalalvand1, M.N. Mavrogordato1, S.M. Spearing1, I. Sinclair1
University of Southampton, UK, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 3University of Porto, Portugal 4European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France 5Institut Laue-Langevin, France 6Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

Projection-DIC Analysis of Projected 3D data for a 6xxx Aluminium Alloy Under Plane Strain Tension Imaged by in situ Absorption Contrast Tomography
M Gille, H Proudhon, J Oddershede & Morgeneyer
MINES Paris - PSL, France

Strain Mapping in Graphite and MAX phase during High-Temperature Disc Compression via In-Situ Synchrotron X-ray Radiography and Diffraction
R Whybrow, M Williamson & TJ Marrow
University of Oxford, UK

Session 3.3c Chair: Dr Charchit Kumar
Digital Image Correlation II

Feasibility of In-situ Elastic Mechanical Characterisation of Masonry Using the Virtual Fields Method
MRW Judd, M Sangirardi & S Acikgoz
University of Oxford, UK

Validating Finite Element Models of Metallic Specimens during V-bending and Relaxation
C Lin, Z Guan & WJR Christian
University of Liverpool, UK

Determining the Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete using Digital Image Correlation
TB Loh, Y Wu, SH Goh, KH Kong, KL Goh and JJ Chong
Newcastle University in Singapore, Singapore

Closing Plenary Session – Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre
Conference Chair: Prof James Marrow

Announcement of BSSM 17th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics 2023 – University of Glasgow
Conference Chair: Dr Daniel Mulvihill, University of Glasgow, UK
30th August - 1st September 2023

Refreshments & Conference Close – Ruth Deech Building - Foyer

* Open access unavailable

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