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ICEM 16, Cambridge

International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, ICEM 16

Organised by BSSM on behalf of the European Society for Experimental Mechanics, the ICEM series of Conferences are the premier events to showcase novel and innovative research in Experimental Mechanics. The ICEM16 conference took place in Cambridge in July 2014 with the technical sessions held at Robinson College and the West Road Concert Hall. 

The Conference covered all areas in experimental solid mechanics and abstracts were welcome on any topic that falls within this broad scope. The conference programme included three tracks covering key areas of current interest in experimental mechanics - on the Assessment of composite materials and structures, Volume-based experimental solid mechanics and High strain rate, shock, impact and blast testing, which incorporated the Hopkinson pressure bar centenary symposium organised by DYMAT. The conference also had a wide variety of other sessions on specialist and emerging areas in experimental mechanics, organised by international leaders in their field.

Other highlights included a 2 day interactive exhibition of state of the art instrumentation, EMex, which ran in parallel with the Conference, and the BSSM Young Stress Analyst competition which gave early career researchers the opportunity to showcase their work. The Conference also coincided with the 50th Anniversary celebrations for BSSM and the journal Strain.

Social activities included the Conference Reception at the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Conference Banquet under the wings of Concorde at the world famous Duxford Museum, and an opportunity to see the Tour de France cycle race, which had a UK start in Cambridge on the first day of the Conference.  

In total over 500 delegates from 30 countries attended and the Conference was a great success.

Organising Committee

Prof. Janice Barton (Conference Chair) University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Prof. Fabrice Pierron (Chair of the scientific committee) University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Dr. Vincent Lozano (Web administrator), LTDS ENISE, France
Dr. Jerry Lord National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom
Prof. Margaret Lucas University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Dr. Simon Quinn University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Prof. Ole Thybo Thomsen University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Prof. Chris Truman University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Dr. Stephen Walley University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 


Conference Themes and Abstracts

Abstracts of the papers presented can be accessed from the relevant conference theme (Coming soon).  

Biomaterials and tissues
Cellular materials / foams
Concrete, civil engineering
Glass/brittle materials
Multifunctional materials
Rock and soil mechanics
Shape memory alloys
Sheet metal forming
Thin films
Wood Techniques
Acoustic emission
Digital image correlation
Fibre Bragg sensors

Infra-red imaging and thermomechanics
Interferometry (speckle, moiré, holography etc.)
Micro and nano-scale test methods
Strain gauges
Structured light Applications
Experimental Mechanics in art and conservation
Identification from full-field measurements
Fatigue and Fracture
Model validation
Residual stresses
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural testing

Keynote Presentations

"Probing the mechanical response of the brain with magnetic resonance elastography"
Professor Philip V. Bayly - Washington University, St Louis - United States 

"Molecular tailoring of interfacial failure in composites"
Professor Nancy R. Sottos - University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States

"Seeing stresses through the thermoelastic lens – a retrospective and prospective from an Australian viewpoint"
Dr Albert Wong – DSTO Melbourne, Australia

"Crashworthiness of aluminium structures"
 Dr Magnus Langseth – NTNU Trondheim, Norway


BSSM Measurements Lecture 

"Materials at their limit"
Professor John P. Dear - Imperial College London, UK
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