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About the BSSM

A non-profit making scientific, educational and promotional organisation advancing knowledge of strain measurement, stress analysis and Experimental Mechanics


The BSSM holds events throughout the year including workshops, training courses, examinations, exhibitions and conferences. Our events provide numerous opportunities for personal development through learning, gaining qualifications and experience as well as networking within our community 

Good Vibrations at NASA

NASA's Natalie Spivey discusses Ground Vibration Testing on a Passive Aeroelastic Tailored Wing Ground using Fixed Base Correction

GOM Correlate

Member Focus

News from GOM, one of our Corporate Members

Free 2D Digital Image Correlation Software GOM Correlate


The BSSM Archive is now open access. Explore conference papers and presentations from workshops on a wide range of topics 

Early Careers

The BSSM offer exciting opportunities for early career practitioners through a variety of events and resources

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