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BSSM offers a range of membership options from individual and student membership to packages for SME's, larger companies, university departments and colleges. The Society has a wide and varied membership in the UK and abroad, and has strong links with our sister organisation the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) in the USA.

Membership Fees (2023)

Individual   £75
Student/Retired   £40
Corporate 1 Industry £1122
Corporate 2 Industry £570
Educational £385
SEM  membership £120
Lifetime Individual £1600

Prices inc VAT, and membership runs for the Calendar year


Individual Membership gives access to a wealth of information and technical expertise within the experimental mechanics community. Significant discounts are available to members attending the BSSM conference, workshops, training courses and co-sponsored events.


For companies, Corporate Membership can help promote your products and expertise to the extensive experimental mechanics community and establish links with keys user groups. The corporate packages have been designed to cater for different needs. For Corporate 1 industrial members up to 5 staff are eligible for membership and the associated benefits and discounts and the Corporate 2 package covers 2 members of staff. 


An Educational membership package is also available for universities and colleges, which enables up to 5 people to join the Society, and participate in the events and activities at competitively discounted rates. Individual student membership is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Our Early Career events and activities are a unique focus of growth and also qualify and membership is a great way to engage with the wider community in their subject area. Joining as a student member opens up this network and can be the beginning of more extensive involvement in the work of the Society. Indeed, many who started out as student members, have been active in the Society for their entire careers.  


BSSM Core Activities

The BSSM is dedicated to promoting excellence in strain measurement and experimental techniques to the international scientific and industrial community. This is achieved through a combination of activities including:

  • Seminars and workshops in strain measurement and experimental mechanics, providing delegates with access to international experts, the latest equipment and research
  • Unique certification scheme for the installation of electrical strain gauges
  • Internationally recognised courses on stress analysis and strain analysis
  • Annual Conference on the latest advances in experimental mechanics 
  • EMex, the BSSM's International Exhibition of Experimental Mechanics, an annual exhibition of the latest equipment and software
  • Annual Young Stress Analyst (YSA) Competition
  • Annual Postgraduate Experimental Mechanics Conference (PGEM)
  • Regular updates on BSSM and co-sponsored events
  • International networking and collaboration opportunities

BSSM Membership offers significant discounts to the above events in addition to the following: 

  • Dedicated Early Careers group and activities
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities
  • Technology transfer through one day seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions
  • Opportunity to join the BSSM committees
  • Direct access to the BSSM archive and BSSM members section of the website
  • On-line access to "Strain" and SEM "Experimental Techniques" websites and associated content
  • Support from the BSSM technical expert database 

Additional benefits for Corporate Members

  • Reduced fees for nominated staff attending BSSM training courses and examinations
  • Reduced exhibition fees at EMex, and other dedicated event exhibitions
  • Dedicated Company Focus slot on the BSSM Homepage
  • Company content on the BSSM "Corporate Members" pages
  • Direct opportunities to answer technical enquiries, via representation on the "Ask The Experts" panel and "Corporate Members" sections
  • A dedicated Members area, for posting job vacancies, new products and latest news 

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Continued Professional Development (CPD) for Early Careers

Continued Professional Development (CPD) for Early Careers

The BSSM is ahead of the game when it comes to encouraging early career development. We offer membership, courses, competitions, conferences and networking opportunities in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Early Career Activities

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