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Young Stress Analyst (YSA) Competition

The YSA is a long running and prestigious competition run annually by the Society to recognise excellence in early career research. Previous YSA winners have gone on to occupy key positions in academia and industry.

Entrants are invited to submit a summary of their work and four finalists are selected to present their work before a panel of expert judges. The YSA usually runs in conjunction with the Society’s main annual Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics. It is an eagerly awaited central slot at the conference and popular with delegates.

Being a winner, or finalist, at the YSA completion is a valuable addition to an early career CV and partaking is also very helpful in terms of fine tuning your presentation skills and networking with peers. Why not give it a shot!

2020 Competition Winners

The 2020 YSA Competition was an online event via Zoom and took place on 16 September 2020.

2020 Winner

Alfredo Fantetti, Imperial College London, UK
Ultrasound Measurements to Characterise Friction in Dry Sliding

2020 Runners Up

Kshitiz Upadhyay, John Hopkins University, UK
Characterization of the Rate-Dependent Transient and Steady-State Shear Responses of Soft Materials,

Michelle Harr, University of Michigan, USA
The Effect of Temperature on Slip in Microtextured Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo under Dwell Fatigue

Geir Olafsson, University of Southampton. UK
Embedded Sacrificial Devices: A Novel Structural Health Monitoring Approach

YSA21 Competition

In 2021 YSA will take place alongside the BSSM's 15th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics at the University of Oxford. 

Enter YSA21

2019 Competition Winners 

Ian Jones from Airbus with YSA winner Akash Trivedi, Belfast 2019

Ian Jones from Airbus with YSA winner Akash Trivedi, Belfast 2019

The YSA has been generously sponsored for many years by our Corporate Member Airbus UK who provide the prize money and funds for the YSA finalists to attend the Annual Conference free of charge.

2019 Runners Up

Timothy Harrell, University of Southampton, UK
Structural Response of CFRP Materials Subjected to Simulated Lightning Strikes


Winners from Previous Years

The proud winners in Exeter, 2016

The proud winners in Exeter, 2016

Check out who won in previous years

Previous Winners




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GH, Young Stress Analyst Winner
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Enter the YSA Competition

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