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Fylde Best Paper in Strain Prize


The Fylde Best Paper in Strain Prize is an annual prize which is awarded by the Strain Journal's Editors and sponsored by the BSSM's Corporate Member, Fylde Electronic Laboratories. A shortlist of papers is created by the Editor and Associate Editors based on referees comments on the papers which is then passed onto a panel of experts selected from the Editorial Board. The Fylde Best Paper in Strain Prize winners receive a cash prize of £250 and are invited to attend the BSSM's annual conference free of charge and present their paper during a special conference plenary session.  The winners are usually announced and prizes presented during the BSSM's annual conference Gala Dinner. Previous winners are listed below.

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Calibrating constitutive models with full-field data via physics informed neural networks
C.M. Hamel, K.N. Long & S.L.B. Kramer (2022)


Strain and stress mapping by mechanochemical activation of spiropyran in poly(methyl methacrylate)' 
Prof. Asha-Dee Celestine, Auburn University, USA


Combined experimental–numerical study on residual stresses induced by a single impact as elementary process of mechanical peening.  Paul Sandmann 


Strain and stress mapping by mechanochemical activation of spiropyran in poly (methyl methacrylate)
Celestine, Asha‐Dee N., Nancy R. Sottos, and Scott R. White


Impact of motion blur on stereo‐digital image correlation with the focus on a drone‐carried stereo rig
R. Balcaen, A. Lavatelli, C. Jiménez‐Peña, H. Pfeiffer, E. Zappa, D. Debruyne


Dynamic contact strain measurement by time‐resolved stroboscopic energy dispersive synchrotron X‐ray diffraction
M. Mostafavi, D. M. Collins, M. J. Peel, C. Reinhard, S. M. Barhli, R. Mills, M. B. Marshall, R. S. Dwyer‐Joyce, T. Connolley


The Grid Method for In-plane Displacement and Strain Measurement: A Review and Analysis
M. Grédiac, F. Sur and B. Blaysat


50th Anniversary Article: Seeing Stresses through the Thermoelastic Lens—A Retrospective and Prospective from an Australian Viewpoint
A.K. Wong, N. Rajic and Q. Nguyen


Full-Field Measurements on Low-Strained Geomaterials Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy and Digital Image Correlation: Improved Imaging Conditions
L. L. Wang, M. Bornert, E. Héripré, S. Chanchole and A. Tanguy


Three-dimensional Displacement and Shape Measurement wth a Diffraction-assisted Grid Method
A. Rosakis, S. Kumagai,S. Xia and G. Ravichandran


High-Resolution Strain Mapping Through Time-of-Flight Neutron Transmission Diffraction with a Microchannel Plate Neutron Counting Detector
A. S. Tremsin, J. B. McPhate, A. Steuwer, W. Kockelmann, A. M Paradowska, J. F. Kelleher, J. V. Vallerga, O. H. W. Siegmund and W. B. Feller


Experimental Characterisation and Numerical Modelling of Hexagonal Honeycomb Cellular Solids under Multi-axial Loading
A. J. Lamb, A. K. Pickett and F. Chaudoye


Application of Plasmons to the Determination of Surface Profile and Contact Strain Distribution
C. A. Sciammarella, L. Lamberti, F. M. Sciammarella, G. P. Demelio, A. Dicuonzo, A. Boccaccio


Measurement of Fracture Parameters for a Mixed-Mode Crack Driven by Stress Waves using Image Correlation Technique and High-Speed Digital Photography
M. S. Kirugulige, H. V. Tippur


Damage Localisation in a Stiffened Composite Panel
D. Chetwynd, F. Mustapha, K. Worden, J. A. Rongong, S. G. Pierce & J. M.Dulieu-Barton


A Review of Dynamic Fracture Studies in Functionally Graded Materials
A. Shukla, N. Jain & R. Chona


Characterisation of Contact Pressure Distribution in Bolted Joints
M.B. Marshall, R. Lewis & R.S. Dwyer-Joyce


Analysis of the Residual Stress around a Cold-expanded Fastener Hole in a Finite Plate
Y. Zhang, M.E. Fitzpatrick & L. Edwards


Local Strain Measurement within Tendon
H.R.C. Screen, D.L. Bader, D.A. Lee & J.C. Shelton

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