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Training & Certification FAQs

BSSM provides training courses and certification exams focused on the use of electrical resistance strain gauges, covering all practical and theoretical aspects relating to them.

Courses are available suitable for:

  • Technicians who install strain gauges 
  • Designers who design instruments to measure load, Torque, Pressure, Distance etc. 
  • Engineers who use strain gauges for Stress Analysis

We also run training courses on Strain Analysis and Stress Analysis Using Resistance Strain Gauges, for candidates progressing through the certification scheme but these can also be attended by those that do not require certification.

The courses are relevant for CPD. 

Please visit the Training & Certification pages for more information

Perhaps first consider the questions ..

  • How do you demonstrate competence in your strain gauge measurements?
  • Are your staff suitably trained in strain gauge installation?
  • Are your competitors?
  • Have you considered the consequences of poor strain gauge installation?

Strain gauges are still widely used in all areas of technology and are considered the “Gold Standard” when used in the verification of numerical analyses of structures.

The quality of the measurement is largely dependent upon two main factors; the quality of the sensor and most importantly, the quality and integrity of the installation on the structure/component. BSSM has worked with the strain gauge manufactures and experienced practitioners to develop an agreed Code of Practice for the Installation of Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges and has developed a certification scheme to provide industry with a means of ensuring the capability of their staff to select and install strain gauges.

The BSSM certification scheme complies with the principals of ISO 9712:2012 (Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel), and allows organisations to demonstrate a recognised industrial qualification in their quality manuals. The qualification also allows individuals who hold the qualification, to demonstrate their competence in Strain Gauge technology.

This varies depending on the Level of Certification required, but will involve a combination of training and on the job experience.

Full details are given on the relevant Certification pages and in the Certification document

Three levels of Certification are available, the details of which are given on the Certification pages and in the Certification Scheme document

There are different training and experience requirements at each level, which are covered in the Certification document. Generally speaking as you progress through the scheme you will be required to provide evidence of relevant training and on the job experience. 

If candidates have the relevant experience and training it is possible to enter directly into the Level 2 Certification without taking the Level 1 examination, but Level 3 Certification is only open to current holders of the Level 2 certificate.

This varies depending on the Level of Certification, but will involve a combination of training and on the job experience.

Full details are given on the relevant Certification pages and in the Certification document

Although not compulsory, it is highly recommended that candidates attend both, and most do.

The pre-exam seminar is held about two weeks before the examination, and enables candidates to carry out installations under exam conditions and discuss procedures and techniques with an experienced BSSM engineer.

Details of courses are on the Training course pages

A list of upcoming examinations and courses are listed on the Training & Certification Events page

Certification lasts for 5 years, after which you will need to renew to to maintain your qualification.

Typically this involves taking a practical test to renew their certification and submit a review of their recent gauge installation experience.

Please contact for more information

It is possible and indeed may be preferable and more cost effective to do so, particularly if you have a group of candidates requiring training.

Please contact for more information and to discuss your requirements

Although it differs depending on the training level and course, the BSSM scheme is approximately 70% practical and 30% theory. 

No - All strain gauges and equipment will be supplied by BSSM

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Training & Certification

Our courses include Stress Analysis and Load Measurement, Strain Analysis, Certification Seminars and Exams.

In addition we offer tailor made courses to suit your specific needs and run these at your company premises

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