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The Committees are where most of the planning and organisation of the Society happens, and BSSM members are most welcome to join. Please contact the relevant Committee chair or for more information.


The National Council (NATCO) has ultimate responsibility for making policy and executive decisions. NATCO is made up of the Society officers and nominated members, including the Directors and Chairs of the various technical committees who report on progress.

There are three meetings per year at different Member sites, normally held in conjunction with the SATCO committee meeting.

NATCO Chair: Andrew Ramage, Techni Measure.

To join or for more details contact the BSSM


SATCO is the Scientific and Technical Committee, the outreaching arm of the Society, tasked with organising seminars, workshops and events of relevance and interest to the membership and wider scientific community involved in experimental mechanics and strain measurement. There are three meetings per year, normally held in conjunction with the NATCO committee meeting.

Please check out the Events Listing for upcoming events and the Archive for workshops organised by SATCO in the recent past.

SATCO Chair: Mike Gower, National Physical Laboratory

To join or for more details contact the BSSM


CERCO is the Certification Committee, which runs a series of training courses and exams for strain gauge personnel throughout the year. The courses and exams can be taken independently or in conjunction with one another.   

Please visit the Training & Certification pages for more details of the courses and levels of certification available, and the Events Listing for detailed programme of all upcoming CERCO courses and examinations.

CERCO Chair: Ian Jones, Airbus 

To join or for more details contact the BSSM


CONFCO is the Conference Organising Committee, responsible for the Annual BSSM Conference, which is normally held at the beginning of September each year. CONFCO works closely with the local Conference Chair and International Scientific Committee to develop a detailed programme with invited speakers and dedicated sessions relevant to the current scientific and measurement themes.

Please visit the Conference page for full details of this year's BSSM Conference, where you will also be able to submit an abstract and register.

CONFCO Chair: Daniel Mulvihill, University of Glasgow

To join or for more details contact the BSSM


WEBCO is a Committee overseeing the 'digital face' of the Society, including the website and social media platforms

WEBCO Chair: Andrew Ramage, Techni Measure.

To join or for more details contact the BSSM or

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