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2017 Conference Theme - Acoustic Emission and NDT


Fatigue Crack Monitoring Using an Additive Wave Analysis: a Hits Based Approach to Wavestreaming with Acoustic Emission
J.P. McCrory, M.R. Pearson and R. Pullin
Cardiff University, Wales, UK

Relationship between acoustic emission distribution and stress variation through the depth of reinforced concrete beam cross sections
Liu Simeng1, Wang Yu2, Matthew R. Pearson2, Mark Eaton2 and Rhys Pullin2
1School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, P.R.China, 2Cardiff University, Wales, UK

Use of Acoustic Emission to Determine the Lubrication Conditions in Simulated Gear Contacts
S.H. Hutt, A. Clarke, H.P Evans and R. Pullin
Cardiff University, Wales, UK

Early damage detection in composites by distributed strain and acoustic event monitoring
N. Chandarana, D. M. Sanchez, C. Soutis and M. Gresil
The University of Manchester, UK

Active Learning Applications to Acoustic Emission Data
L. Bull, K. Worden, N. Dervilis
University of Sheffield, UK

Damage detection of a composite bearing liner using Acoustic Emission
K. Karras, R. Pullin, R.I. Grosvenor, A. Clarke
Cardiff University, Wales, UK

Tool wear prediction and damage detection in milling using dynamic Bayesian networks
N. Ray, K. Worden, S. Turner, J-P. Villain-Chastre1, E.J. Cross
The University of Sheffield, UK, 1Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, UK

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