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2017 Conference Theme - Computational Modelling and Validation


On the Numerical Modelling of Local Stress-Strain Sequences under Complex Constant/Variable Amplitude Fatigue Loading
N. Zuhair Faruq and L. Susmel
The University of Sheffield, UK

Application of a frequentist metric for the validation of computational mechanics models.
K. Dvurecenska1, E. Patelli1,S. Graham2 and E.A. Patterson1
1The University of Liverpool, UK, 2National Nuclear Laboratory, Warrington, UK

Numerical simulation and design tool for an oil pipe centralizer: A case study of a cost driven adaptation by an SME
A.M. Hedayetullah1, R. Fletcher2, E. James2, P.A. Flay2, G. R. Tabor1 and C. W. Smith1
1University of Exeter,UK. 2 CentekLtd,NewtonAbbot,UK.

Quantitative strain measurement on artwork by a combination of shearography and FEM- simulation
D. Buchta1, C. Heinemann2 , G. Pedrini1, C. Krekel2, W. Osten1 
1University of Stuttgart, 2Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, Germany

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