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2017 Conference Theme - Digital Image Correlation (DIC)


Analysis of the effectiveness of cold expansion in multi-layer stacks using digital image correlation
K. Amjad1, 2, E.A. Patterson1 and W.C. Wang2
1University of Liverpool, UK; 2National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

A characterisation of bicycle powertrain losses due to chainring deflection,
Thomas Davis and David Asquith, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Assessment of the elongational properties of HIPS membranes based on full-field strain measurements during positive thermoforming
A.Ayadi1, 2, M.F.Lacrampe1, 2, and P.Krawczak1, 2
IMT Lille Douai, Institut Mines-Télécom, France.
Université de Lille, France.

Strain Measurement on Anti-G Garments using 3D Digital Image Correlation
J. C. Chamberlin and E. A. Patterson
University of Liverpool, UK

Dynamic Analysis using Fringe Projection and Digital Image Correlation
L. Felipe-Sesé, A. Molina-Viedma, E. López-Díaz, E. López-Alba, F.A Díaz
Universidad de Jaén, Spain

Establishing a one-to-one relationship between FEA and DIC: pitfalls and solutions
P. Lava1, F. Pierron2, L. Wittevrongel1, D. Debruyne3 
1. MatchID  Metrology beyond colors, Belgium, 2. University of Southampton, UK, 3. University of Leuven, Belgium

Deformation Behaviour and Damage Formation in DP1000 at Different Scales using Digital Image Correlation
N. I. Rohaizat1, C. Pinna1, H. Ghadbeigi1 and D. Hanlon2
1University of Sheffield, UK, 2Tata Steel Ijmuiden, The Netherlands

Failure analysis of spot welds in Advanced High Strength Steels,
H. Ghadbeigi1, H.L. Collicott1, F. Yu1, D. Norman2 and E. van der Aa3
1The University of Sheffield, UK, 2Tata Steel R&D, Warwick, UK 3Tata Steel R&D, IJmuiden, The Netherlands

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