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2017 Conference Theme - Optical Methods


Implementation of a novel apparatus to perform a Photoelastic Tomography analysis
S. Abrego, R. A. Tomlinson
The University of Sheffield, UK

Deflectometry as a full-field NDT tool
F. Pierron, C. Devivier,and R. Seghir
University of Southampton, UK

Aerodynamic surface Pressure Measurement using Deflectometry
R. Kaufmann, F. Pierron and B. Ganapathisubramani
University of Southampton, UK

Topography of hidden objects revealed using THz digital holography
E. Hack, L. Valzania and P. Zolliker
EMPA, Switzerland

A combined full-field imaging and metallography approach to assess the local properties of friction stir welded (FSW) copper- stainless steel joints
S. Ramachandran1, J.M. Dulieu-Barton1, P.A.S. Reed1, A.K.Lakshminarayanan2 
1University of Southampton, UK, 2SSN College of Engineering, India

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