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2017 Conference Theme - Volumetric Strain Measurements


Crack characterization in a Metal Matrix Composite with 3D Phase Congruency and Digital Volume Correlation
A.F.Cinar1, D. Hollis2, R.A. Tomlinson1, C. Reinhard3, T Connolley3, T.J. Marrow4, M.Mostafavi5
1University of Sheffield, 2LaVision UK, 3Diamond Light Source, 4University of Oxford, 5University of Bristol, UK

The effect of voxel size and signal-to-noise ratio on the measurement uncertainties of a global Digital Volume Correlation approach
M. Palanca1, A.J. Bodey2, M. Giorgi3, M. Viceconti4, D. Lacroix4, L. Cristofolini1, E. Dall’Ara3
1Università di Bologna, Italy; 2Diamond Light Source, Oxford, UK 3Dept of Oncology and Metabolism and INSIGNEO, University of Sheffield, 4Dept of Mech Eng and INSIGNEO, University of Sheffield, UK

Effect of SR-microCT exposure time on the damage induced on trabecular bone using digital volume correlation
M. Peña Fernández1, R. Parwani1, A J Bodey2, E. Dall’Ara3, G. Blunn4, A. Barber1, G. Tozzi1
1University of Portsmouth, UK; 2Diamond Light Source, UK; 3University of Sheffield, UK; 4University College London, UK

Quantification of damage in alveolar morphology in post-blast lung using synchrotron micro-CT
K. Vitharana1, 2, J. Sherwood2, T-T Nguyen3, A. J. Bodey4, A. Karunaratne2,5 and H. Arora1, 2
1The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, UK; 2 Dept. Bioengineering, Imperial College London; 3Dept. Physics, Imperial College London; 4Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK;5University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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