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Workshop - Advanced Strain Gauge Applications

University of Southampton
March 2009

Chairs: Ian Ramage, TechniMeasure and Geoff Morden, BSSM

With several other more sophisticated methods of measuring strain now available, it is interesting to note that the humble strain gauge is still being used today in many different applications.

A seminar highlighting the various uses of strain gauge technology today is of interest not only to those already aware of strain gauge applications, but also to those looking for answers to their measurement problems. The BSSM brought together some of the leading people in the strain gauge field to offer a thought provoking yet practical insight into the advanced use of strain gauges in the modern world. 


The Application of Strain Gauges to Composites
Anton Chittey
Vishay Measurements Group UK Ltd.

High Temperature Strain Gauges
Anthony Cross 
StrainSense Ltd

Dynamic Amplifiers and System Noise
Steve O’Donnell
Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd

Semi Conductors
Albert Ellison

Residual Stress Measurement Techniques
Dr Alan Owens
Strainstall UK Ltd

Wireless Strain Gauging
Ian Ramage
Techni Measure

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