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Level 1 Pre-Examination Seminar

Date/Time: 03 July 2024

Location: Basingstoke, UK

Price: £375 ex VAT

The pre-exam seminar is normally taken in conjunction with the Level 1 exam but can be attended without taking the exam.

It is designed primarily for candidates who are taking the certification examinations (at any level) and is effectively a practice run of the exam, allowing the  candidates to practice with the help of skilled tuition. They get help and tips on exam technique, and through the self assessment of their work, get a better understanding of the criteria on which they will be assessed. The seminar is not designed to teach the candidates how to do things, such as soldering techniques, but is intended as a technique perfection session.

The person who runs the seminar is an experienced examiner, and is able to help the candidates in a relaxed atmosphere. It has been found that candidates who take the optional seminar generally perform better in the examination.  

Associated Event

The Level 1 examination.

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