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Level 2 Examination

Date/Time: 06 November 2024

Location: Sheffield, UK

Price: £860 ex VAT

All courses can be taken independently and taking an exam is optional. The objective of the Level 2 examination is to enable candidates to demonstrate that they use procedures consistent with the Code of Practice, and are able to direct the installation of gauges, choose appropriate gauges, materials and methods, and make measurements using gauges. 

The examination is divided into two parts: 

  • a practical test
  • a written test 

 The practical test forms the main part of the examination and contains three tasks:

  • a gauge bonding and full-bridge wiring installation 
  • preparation of instructions for bonding gauges 
  • a measurement exercise using pre-installed gauges 

 The written test has two sections: 

  • a general section, containing questions based on general knowledge of strain measurement, solid mechanics and materials 

  • a section dealing with points which can arise when gauges are being installed and used 

Associated Event

It is highly recommended that candidates attend the one day pre-examination seminar is normally held about two weeks before each examination, so that candidates can make installations under examination conditions and discuss procedures, techniques and the sample written questions with an experienced engineer. It is normally held at the examination venue. 

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