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Correlated Solutions

Correlated Solutions

Company Overview

Correlated Solutions, Inc. has led the optical measurement industry since 1998 through the development of advanced, non-contact, full-field digital image correlation (DIC) systems.  Our turn-key systems allow users to quickly and accurately measure surface shape, motion, deformation, and strain of almost any material, any size, and under any loading condition.  We are confident that our DIC systems are the fastest, most robust, and most flexible on the market today, and are completely customizable. The unique VIC-3D HS FFT system utilizes high-speed cameras along with a software module to transform displacement time-history data into a frequency domain, allowing users to measure and visualize operational deflection shapes (ODS) from an impact or other transient vibration event. The VIC-Volume DVC (digital volume correlation) software analyzes images from X-Rays or CT-Scanners to measure internal deformation and strain. The newly developed 3D-Micro-DIC system offers an extremely user-friendly setup for fixed fields in .5X-2X magnification ranges.  The stereo microscope system offers flexibility for 1x-10x magnification ranges.  Both systems utilize the patented distortion correction module, which accounts for the distortions due to the complicated optics introduced in these high magnifications systems.

The latest VIC-3D software, version 9, is our flagship product and is available in a wide variety of configurations from high magnification to ultra-high-speed (5MHz), and is customized to the customer's needs. VIC-3D 9 includes an all-new graphics engine, called iris, which transforms the way engineers and researchers present DIC data. Iris enables flexible and completely customizable video and graphics editing, all within VIC-3D. For example, iris allows users to create publication-ready plots, smooth animations and has the ability to import finite element (FE) data for direct comparison and validation.

Contact Details

Correlated Solutions, Inc.
121 Dutchman Blvd.
Irmo, SC 29063 USA

T : +1 (803) 926 – 7272
F : +1 (803) 749 – 7569

Enabling Process Technologies Limited
Kestrel Court
Harbour Road
BS20 7AN

T: +44 (0) 117 205 0077


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