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LaVision UK

LaVision UK

Company Overview

LaVision was founded in 1989 in Göttingen, Germany. Since its foundation LaVision is the leading supplier of scientifc imaging systems in application fields such as fluid mechanics (aerodynamics, microfluidics), combustion (automotive, power generation), material science (deformation, strain) as well as spray and particle diagnostics (engines, pharma). Recently this product portfolio was extended adding fixed head camera based surface inspection systems and in-cylinder infrared-sensors. Due to their non-intrusive nature our optical instruments offer unique capabilities for multi-parameter measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution. Our measurement equipment is used in well known R&D labs all over the world. Largely customer oriented, we offer user-friendly, reliable and high quality products tailored to the needs of our customers. The LaVision team has extensive professional experience in laser and camera technology and imaging techniques. LaVision cooperates with leading research institutions and companies around the globe and serves the worldwide markets through subsidiaries and representatives.

LaVision Strain Measurement Solutions

StrainMaster from LaVision is a state-of-the-art, non-intrusive optical tool for shape, strain and deformation analysis of solid and granular subjects. StrainMaster combines the most advanced Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms with the highest quality of hardware to provide a complete and easy to use instrument for materials analysis. A range of StrainMaster systems are available from portable field work systems to highly specialized lab versions. LaVision's state-of-the-art Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) software brings new depth to quantitative imaging analysis. DVC is not only capable of identifying defects and cracks before they are visible in the raw image, but is also able to quantify the full volume strain distribution and actual magnitudes of the material displacements surrounding discontinuities.

Contact Details

Technical Contact: Dave Hollis

LaVisionUK Ltd
2 Minton Place
Victoria Road
OX26 6QB
Phone +44 (0) 870 997 6532


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