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Nprime Limited

Company Overview

Nprime Limited is a test and evaluation company that specialise in delivering measurement services and equipment to every facet of engineering. For one to understand what we do, you must understand that all design work is conducted in the virtual world using computers. When design optimisation has been achieved a prototype is created, this prototype has sensors attached to it and data is recorded. From this actual real time measurements are acquired; these are compared against the virtual design and a degree of certainty can be achieved. Data measurements are used to support the following: Virtual model validation, Optimisation, Investigation, Compliance sign off. Nprime have built a reputation of a company that will always deliver, as demonstrated with our continuous relationship with blue ship OME’s, such as; Aerospace Telemetry solutions: MBDA, Missile Test, BAE Warton, Euro Fighter and F35, Ground Vehicle Test General Dynamics Scout Multi Variant Vehicle, Rheinmetall, Warrior Noise and Vibration Assessment, HUMS, Challenger II Life Extension Program, MOD, Environmental Testing By utilizing next generation technologies and innovation we have introduced efficiency within the measurement industry. This includes the use of telemetry and non-contact sensors to introduce efficiencies with data collection and transfer. Our focus for the future is introduce efficiency into measurement and analysis.

Contact Details

386 Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DD Tel: +44 114 2727868


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