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Specialised Imaging

Company Overview

Specialised Imaging is an award winning, dynamic company focused on the design and manufacture of ultra high-speed imaging systems for industrial, scientific and defence research applications. With a combined experience of over 60 working years in ultra high-speed imaging development our founding director’s commitment to innovation and ongoing development has positioned the company as a creative leader in the high-speed camera market. Since our foundation in 2003, this level of commitment has led to us to develop new functions and features for our systems to match customer requirements. We enjoy finding solutions to customer’s needs and specifications. The Specialised Imaging product lines, are ideally suited to the field of material testing, such as our high resolution, multi-channel framing “SIM” cameras capable of up to 32 digital images at frame rates up to 1 billion frames per second.

We also developed the KIRANA, a true Ultra high-speed Video Camera capable of capturing 180 images at speeds up to 7 million frames per second at full resolution (924x768 pixels). To provide comprehensive solutions packages we have also developed a number of triggering and lighting systems that compliment these systems for use with material testing applications. Support for our customers continues throughout the life of all Specialised Imaging solutions. Application advice, design adaptation and evolution are all part of our comprehensive after-sales service and commitment to our customers.

Contact Details

Technical Contact: Mr. Jolyon Cleaves
Tel: +44 (0)1442 827728



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