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Free 2D Digital Image Correlation Software GOM Correlate GOM

Correlate is a free Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and evaluation software package. Digital Image Correlation is an optical non-contact method to determine 2D or 3D coordinates. The coordinates can be used to determine displacements and strain of specimens for a wide range of applications in materials and components testing.

GOM Correlate provides free 2D Digital Image Correlation, which supports the evaluation and reporting of any digital image series or video files. It is therefore, perfectly suited for in-plane testing applications with existing cameras.

The free GOM Correlate software also provides access to all measuring results created in GOM Correlate Professional and ARAMIS Professional, which leads to an improved interaction between the departments responsible for measurement, analysis, design and development, enabling projects to be easily shared.

Features of GOM Correlate include:

• Digital Image Correlation
• Import & export measurement data
• Basic CAD import
• Inspection
• Motion and deformation analysis
• Reporting
• Traceability GOM

Correlate can be downloaded free of charge on our website:

GOM Correlate Professional differs from GOM Correlate in respect to the import of native CAD formats, the active parametric concept as well as 3D DIC and 3D motion analysis. If you would like to upgrade to GOM Correlate Professional, please contact us.

ARAMIS for Education

ARAMIS for Education is a complete package for theoretical and practical teaching at vocational schools, higher education institutions and universities. The educational package from GOM includes industrial hardware and software for 3D measurement and testing applications as well as ready-to-use laboratory tests and lecture material with detailed background information. Moreover, GOM provides free Digital Image Correlation software for students, practical training for trainers and professional support provided by experienced engineers.

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