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2017 Conference Theme - Experimental Biomechanics


Additive manufacturing of mechanomimetic bone structures
R. Parwani, M. Curto, A. P. Kao, M. Pani, G. Tozzi and A. H. Barber
University of Portsmouth, UK

Quantification of Morphological Parameters of Forearm Skin Layers using OCT with Circumstances Involving Dressing Tape
R. Maiti1,L.-C. Gerhardt2, Z.S. Lee1, S.E. Franklin2, R. Lewis1, S.J. Matcher3 and M.J. Carré1
1Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK; 2Philips Research, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
3Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

Validation of local displacement predictions of Micro-FE models of trabecular bone and vertebral bodies by Digital Volume Correlation
E. Dall’Ara1, M.C. Costa1, G. Tozzi2 and M. Viceconti1
1University of Sheffield, UK; 2University of Portsmouth, UK

Developing a soft tissue surrogate for use in photoelastic testing
S. Falconer, Z. Taylor and R. Tomlinson
The University of Sheffield, UK

Possible age-related changes in the mechanical properties of tendons of mimecan-deficient mice
K. L. Goh 
Newcastle University International Singapore

3D shape and full-field strain measurement in a coronary artery using 3D-DIC
P. Ferraiuoli1.2, J.W. Fenner1,2, A.J. Narracott1,2;
1Mathematical Modelling in Medicine Group, IICD Department, University of Sheffield, UK; 2Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine, University of Sheffield, UK

Shore OO Hardness Measurement of Bovine Aorta and Mock Vessel Materials for Endovascular Device Design
C. Maclean1, R. Brodie2 and D.H. Nash1
1University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK; 2Vascutek Ltd., Inchinnan, Scotland, UK

Optical strain measurement techniques for soft cellular structures
H.L. Wyatt1, A. Clarke2, S.L. Evans2, and L.A. Mihai1
1School of Mathematics; 2School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Wales, UK

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