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2018 Conference Theme - Fatigue and Fracture


Assessment of extremely low cycle fatigue behaviour of high strength steel using 3D DIC measurements
David Asquith1, V.P. Pasialis2
1Sheffield Hallam University, 2Sheffield Forgemasters, UK

Critical cast iron wastewater assets: predicting performance to prevent failure
Governor Ugoh1, M. Mulheron1, R. Cunningham2, J. Farrow3, D. Jesson1
1University of Surrey, 2Thames Water Utilities, 3Jeff Farrow Associates, UK

Fatigue analysis of a feedwater and condensate system nozzle of a boiling water reactor
S. Pérez-Montejo1, G. Soto-Mendoza1, Luis Hernández-Gómez1, P. Ruiz-López2, L.G. Carbajal- Figueroa1, J.A. Beltrán-Fernández1, G.M. Urriolagoitia Calderón1
1Instituto Politécnico Nacional, 2Comisión Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias, Mexico

J-integral evaluation of ductile material using X-ray tomography and digital volume correlation (DVC)
Simon Tonge, A.F. Cinar, C. Simpson, C. Reinhard, T Connolley, T.J. Marrow, M. Mostafavi
University of Bristol

Crack closure modification in dwell-fatigue
Pengbo Qi1, D. Nowell1,2 and E. Salvati1
1University of Oxford, 2Imperial College London, UK

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