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The Model 700B welder is lightweight and is powered by longer life rechargeable batteries

Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, announces the release of its Model 700B welder unit -- a portable, lightweight instrument ideal for installing weldable strain gauges and temperature sensors to metallic surfaces in difficult industrial and outdoor field environments.

A key enhancement of the 700B is its use of commercially available Lithium-ion batteries that are easily replaced in the field and which can handle 1500 welds (@30 joules) on a single charge (equivalent to welding around 30 linear weldable gage). The lightweight unit, which weighs approximately 8.3 lb. (3.77 Kg), is ideal for field operation, solving the main limitations of other portable spot welders currently on the market. The unit can also be used to weld small thermocouples and light-gauge metal.

The Model 700B enhances Micro-Measurements’ broad portfolio of weldable gauges which are suitable for all types of applications and environments. These gauges include encapsulated, sealed and high-temperature versions of Micro-Measurements’ CEA, LWK, LEA , LZN and LZE families of products. Because they are spot-welded rather than adhesively bonded, weldable sensors can be readily installed using the Model 700B in field applications under a wide variety of weather conditions.

The welding energy of the Model 700B can be easily set by the user from 10 up to 60 Joules with capability of up to 60 welds per minute, making it one of the fastest tools of its kind. Whether working suspended under a structure or in a production plant, the 700B is easy to clip onto a harness or to carry around remote job sites. It is especially ideal for working from rope access, aerial lifts, or in a laboratory setting.

The 700B kit and options include: 700B Spot welder Welding Handle assembly Grounding cables (with mechanical and magnetic clamps) Welding tips Lithium-ion batteries and battery charger Ballistic Nylon workbag (optional) Rugged Transit Case (optional)

For more information about the Model 700B, as well as technical support, see us at or Alternatively follow Micro-Measurements® at or on twitter @strain_gage. 


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