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2017 Conference Theme - Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue


Static Strength of aluminium-to-steel thin welded joints: preliminary results
I. Al Zamzamia, J. B. Davison and L. Susmel
University of Sheffield, UK

Effect of sample edge-plastic zone proximity on Crack Tip Opening Angle
D. T. Asquith and V.P. Pasialis
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Additively manufactured PLA: strength and fracture behaviour under static loading
A.A. Ahmed and L. Susmel
The University of Sheffield, UK

Effects of Unloading Rate and Relaxation on Elastic-plastic Resistance Curve Tests
P.B.S. Bailey 
Instron Dynamic Systems, UK

Fatigue crack initiation in Waspaloy under biaxial loading
J.V. Sahadi, D. Nowell and R.J.H. Paynter
University of Oxford, UK

Overload and failure of wind turbine gearbox bearings
A. Reid1, I. Martinez1, M Mostafavi2, I. Antoniadou1 and M. Marshall1
1 The University of Sheffield, 2University of Bristol, UK

Characterisation and fatigue life assessment of handling surface damage
R.M.N. Fleury, E. Salvati, D. Nowell and A.M. Korsunsky
University of Oxford, UK

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