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Workshop - Advanced Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

National Physical Laboratory, UK

May 2010

Chair: Alan Gilbertson, Consultant to CIRIA

Successful application of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is possible only when the practitioners in the field fully understand the requirements of both asset holders and maintenance consultants, which must be both realistic and achievable. One of the main common challenges is assessing structural condition from multiple measured data streams, thus generating knowledge about the structure rather than just data. Keynote presentations highlighted the issues and challenges facing different industry sectors, and the synergy and overlap between the different approaches. Current developments in measurement techniques were covered together with approaches to data analysis and the management of large multiparameter datasets. 

The seminar was targeted at infrastructure asset holders, industry regulators, structural and maintenance consultants, sensor manufacturers, and research organisations, providing a focus and forum for discussion and dissemination of the latest advances and technique developments.
The day included an exhibition and demonstrations of equipment related to aspects of SHM, and a visit to the NPL bridge demonstrator, where more than 12 different technologies have been installed and used for real-time monitoring of the bridge. The systems have been working successfully over a two-year period when the bridge has been loaded and damaged in a controlled manner to measure the performance and capabilities of the different monitoring systems.

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