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2018 Conference Theme - High Strain Rate


Novel image-based inertial high strain rate tests: an overview
Fabrice Pierron1, F.M. Davis1, L. Fletcher1, X. Régal1, R. Seghir2, J. Van Blitterswyk1
1University of Southampton, UK, 2Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

Off-axis testing of fibre composites at high strain rates using an image-based inertial impact test
Lloyd Fletcher, J. Van-Blitterswyk, F. Pierron,
University of Southampton, UK

An image-based inertial impact test for high strain rate interlaminar shear properties of fibre- reinforced polymer matrix composites
Jared Van Blitterswyk, L. Fletcher, F. Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Image-based ultrasonic fatigue testing of composites
Xavier Régal1, R. Seghir2, M. Comport1, F. Pierron1
1University of Southampton, UK, 2Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

Inertial impact tests to characterize the high strain rate response of PMMA
Frances Davis, L. Fletcher, F. Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Determination of high strain rate properties of metals using the virtual fields method
Aleksander Marek, F.M. Davis, F. Pierron
University of Southampton, UK

Image-based stress field reconstruction
Rian Seghir1, F. Pierron2, L. Fletcher2
1Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France, 2University of Southampton, UK

Using full-field measurements to improve understanding of water droplet erosion of aeroengine fan blades
Charles Burson-Thomas, T.J. Harvey, L. Fletcher, F. Pierron, R.J.K Wood
University of Southampton, UK

An experimental method for determination of dynamic mechanical behavior of materials at high temperatures with high speed imaging
Tao Suo1, C. Zhang1, Q. Deng1, Y. Li1, M.Chen2
1Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Rate-dependent compressive behavior of open- cell elastomeric foam
S. Koumlis, A. Kelbaugh, Leslie Lamberson
Drexel University, USA

A dynamic testing method for flexible thin film materials
Haibin Zhu, S. Ma
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Thermo-mechanical characteristics of adiabatic shear band of pure titanium under impact loading
Yazhou Guo1, Q.C. Ruan1, J.N. Lu1, B. Hu1, X.H, Wu1, S.X. Zhu2, H.S. Chen2 and Y.L.Li1
1Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Equivalent shock environment test conditions based on shock damage mechanisms
X.J. Zhu, H.B. Wang, Muchun Yu, B. Li, Z.J. Zhang, Z.J. Nangong, X.J. Dai, L. Wang
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China

A new method for dynamic shear-compression loading on cellular materials
Bing Hou1, H.X. Chen1, H. Zhao2, Y.L.Li1
1Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 2LMT, ENS-Cachan, France

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