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Workshop - Full Field Deformation and Strain Measurement

Pulsen Conference Centre, Kyrkängsgatan 8, Borås, Sweden
September 2015
Chairs: Dr Torsten Sjögren, SP Borås & Dr Dave Hollis, LaVision UK Ltd

A joint event organised by the BSSM and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Borås.

Full field techniques such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC) are commonplace in university research labs around the world, and these techniques are increasingly being utilised by industry. This seminar presented an overview of full field techniques with a focus on optical methods such as DIC, including examples of applications, and future directions. Full field techniques are data rich in their output and one of the challenges is to interpret that data and utilise it in the most efficient way. Applications span a wide range from damage detection, identification of constitutive parameters, evolution of micro and macro cracks in metals and composites, imaging of microstructural features in metallic or polymeric foams and general studies.

The objective of this seminar was to investigate the present state of theart and future challenges of full field measurement techniques for real engineering applications, in particular applications to metals, powders, polymers, composites and also soft tissues and biomaterials. A background of techniques was presented along with some basic principles, and a variety of presentations covering state of the art work on novel materials and volume based techniques.

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